9/11 and another beer-can analogy

Further to my earlier experiment on 3 January I conducted the third and final beer-can experiment. What it showed was you cannot take two chunks out of the side of a beer-can and expect it to be as strong as a non-fractured can. However there were lessons to learn.

I took a brick weighing 4.92 lbs and put it on top of the fractured can. Then another brick of the same weight. And another. The sixth brick collapsed the can. And the bricks fell to earth. So that damaged beer-can weighing just over 1/2 oz (0.6) would not support 6 bricks weighing 29.48 lbs before giving way. It would however support 5 bricks (24.6 lbs).

Banks collapse 3

There are 16 oz in a lb

24.6 lbs x 16 = 121.032 oz

How much could the beer-can support of its own weight?

121.032 / 0.6 = 201.72

You can now explain to people that a beer-can into which flew an imaginary plane causing entry and exit fractures will still support more than 200 times its own weight. Furthermore when it did collapse the bricks fell to the side where the excisions had been made. The can did not collapse to the ground but just crushed down at the fracture point.

You can see I have had to drink more cans of beer than is good for me. Sometimes in the interests of science these sacrifices have to be made!

One thought on “9/11 and another beer-can analogy

  1. If only Isaac Newton was alive today….

    There is so much about the official view of 9/11 that doesn’t make sense, John – the rate of collapse of the New York buildings is just one stark deficiency. That they managed to reconstruct much of the Lockerbie and MH-17 aircraft – yet we are led to believe the Pentagon and Shanksville aircraft simply “vaporised” on impact. It was always an improbable conspiracy from the outset – much like the recent Salisbury incident – and as time has passed, academic inquiry and analysis has pretty much discredited all of the 9/11 commission and NIST reports – and it’s perfectly obvious who perpetrated the atrocity and why.

    In the interim, the world has indeed gone crazy and it’s not difficult to understand why either. Reality has become a wholly unpleasant place and it’s so easy just to turn away and not think about these things. Maybe John Martyn was right after all with..

    “I don’t want to know about evil, I only want to know about love”

    …but we’re past due to deal with this one.





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