11 remarks on this photo

This is a pretty impressive piece of aerial photography. Perhaps things can be learnt from it. Taking into consideration that the high quality photograph was taken 12 days after 9/11 my observations are these.

1. Near the centre of where both towers stood there appear to be very few metal beams joined together.
2. There appear to be no great chunks of concrete, in fact hardly any concrete at all.
3. There is a huge pile of dust across the street from tower 1 looking like a grey snowdrift against the largely intact parts of the outer (I presume) side of the building which have been deposited across the street. There are other huge piles of dust.
4. The largely intact parts of the building are what I suspect most engineers would expect to see in a cold collapse (piled high like a mountain). Certainly it is what I would expect to see.
5. Unlike the “spire” these largely intact parts must have been thrown outwards I suspect. “Down and out” as Jonathan Cole shows using timed explosives. These prefabricated spandrel-welded sections are spread outwards from the centre for both towers.
6. There is a very hot event still going on underground where the core of Tower 1 is centred. (Witness the smoke, and the smoking gun).
7. Some of the biggest beams are lying horizontally around the core. Not one of them appears to be connected to another.
8. Near the core there are very few prefabricated sections, yet there was a whole inner perimeter of them which included “the spire which turned to dust”. It certainly needs asking where they went.
9. None of the beams that I can see suffers deformation. Yet none are joined together.
10. The still standing parts of both towers (towards the roads) indicate that any explosives were largely placed away from the roads probably to try and protect other buildings outside the WTC complex.
11. The still standing parts of both towers (although this is a plan perspective) indicate that the inner part of the demolition is level with the road.

Conclusion. A nuclear device destroyed the inner core. Explosives (possibly nano-thermite) were used to separate the outer structure from the inner structure. But there is no way those buildings could have come down almost in freefall from a small damaged section above the main superstructure.

It is a good photo though and if by clicking on it you do not zoom in on the brilliant definition you can use this link.


2 thoughts on “11 remarks on this photo

  1. John Goss, I have never seen this photo before. I have never seen anything like it. Do you know its origin? Who took it, and who and when published it?




  2. Thanks Tony. All the information I can find that comes with this Wiki Commons photo is this.

    “Remains of the World Trade Center complex in downtown New York City, United States, after the September 11 attacks. Image taken by NOAA’s Cessna Citation Jet on September 23, 2001, from an altitude of 3,300 ft (1,005 m) using a Leica/LH systems RC30 camera.”


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