Why people must wake up – before they die

In 1996 Yevgeny Yevtushenko came to Birmingham, a key participant in Birmingham Readers’ and Writers’ Festival. He was promoting the English translation of his novel “Don’t Die Before You’re Dead.” We got chatting afterwards, he was partial to an English pint and there was other common ground. We both wrote poetry, both cycled and both had a fondness for poets and poetry of the Silver Age. He very kindly signed my copy of his novel:

To John Goss – to my brother writer – Yevtushenko 1996

The novel was really a wake-up call, the important part of it set at a time when Russia had taken a big step to abolish communism and stand up against Big Brother totalitarianism – a political philosophy which had created a two-tier society having an elite benifitting from all the privileges the world could offer, while the rest of the people were subjugated in a societal prison of their own creation.

The parallel between the Covid-19 scam of 2020 need not be pointed out to the enlightened. The similarities are so evident to those already awake – which I am sure most of my readers are – that it would be a superfluous gesture to repeat this mounting evidence were it not that some people continue to sleep through the nonsense. Well, here is some more evidence, which, if people don’t die first ought to wake them up. If not – there can be little hope.


Recorded vaccine damage since the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) was set up in 1990 reveals that 90% of fatalities occured since the so-called “vaccines” against Covid-19 began.

In the UK, where figures are manipulated to create least alarm there is still no hiding the fact that combined damage and death to individuals across all age-groups following the rollout of these toxic shots is increasing dramatically. What it is is genocide. And the perpetrators hope to create a totalitarian society of a global super-elite and the rest of us slaves and slave-drivers.

Yevtushenko is no longer with us but his legacy remains. He had a message for the downtrodden ordinary people of Russia at the time of perestroika. It is the same message to which everyone worldwide should be listening today.

If you do not wake up and fight for your freedom you will die a slave.

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