Priti Patel’s Five Eyes

It is more than 6 years since the UN working group on arbitrary detention found Julian Assange to be arbitrarily detained. At that time he was still in the Embassy of Equador having at least a little protection under diplomatic immunity. A change in government in Equador soon changed that, with the US pulling Lenin Moreno’s strings, leading to an unprecedented intrusion by UK police on the territorial integrity of a sovereign state to remove Mr. Assange.

Aware that she was perhaps the only perspon in the country who could prevent his extradition on 30 April I wrote the following letter to Priti Patel.

“Dear Home Secretary,

Potential extradition – Julian Assange

It is with grave concern that I learn that Westminster Magistrates Court has ordered the extradition to the United States of Mr. Julian Assange, a UK resident and Australian national and journalist, who has committed no crime (other than skipping bail) – yet has been in custody of one kind or another for over a decade. It saddens me to think that the UK, once held in esteem as an advocate for human rights, could have slipped so far down the scales of legal integrity.

If Mr. Assange is extradited it will demonstrate the duplicitous nature of the relationship of the UK and the US in terms of extradition. I would remind you that a young man was killed when a US national at a military base in the UK, Mrs Anne Sarcoolas, forgot she was in the UK and drove on the wrong side of the road, killing 19-year-old Harry Dunn on his motorcycle. Not only was Mrs Sarcoolas permitted to leave the country on grounds of “diplomatic immunity”, despite not being a diplomat, but all appeals for extradition have been turned down.

Please use your powers and intervene to prevent this grave travesty.

Yours sincerely,

John Goss

B. Soc. Sc. (International Studies), M.Litt”

No reply yet.

Patel’s Russophobia and Ukraphilia

Making all efforts to stay polite, even though I was aware of Patel’s Russophobia and endearment towards the Ukrainian president, Vladimir Zelensky, together with the UK support for his pro-Nazi regime, I declined to make public her utter incompetence, together with the incompetence of the UK security services, of which she is in charge, in being duped by Russian pranksters, Vovan and Lexus, even though the video was doing the rounds. Pretending to be the Ukrainian prime minister these two artists have now added another scalp to high-profile characters similarly duped – including Boris Johnson.

Priti Patel, Home Secretary and last word in MI5

For the videolink, ostensibly to the prime minister’s office in Kiev, a lot of effort went into impressing Ukraine. The Union Flag hangs limply to the Home Secretary’s right and blue and yellow of Ukraine to her left. That she was well and truly taken in there can be no doubt and her deference to Denys Smyal is evident from the constant references to “Mr Prime Minister” – or perhaps she did not fancy the pronuniciation.

Anyway, YouTube has taken the Patel video down. Now that’s a surprise, especially since she herself in the interview espoused the virtues of those of “us who stand up for an independent sovereign free country versus the friends of Putin and the barbarism that he is effectively. . . the grotesque aggression. . . that he’s inflicting upon Ukraine.” Don’t worry. You can watch the full video here.

Thank God we live in a “free country” where, she informs us, 4,000 visas have been issued to allow Ukrainian nationalists come to the UK. Of course it might be thought of as cynical to suggest that the Home Secretary is making way for Ukrainians by extraditing asylum-seekers to Rwanda – and Julian Assange to the United States. But we live in a world where instead of protecting those not competent to serve us the spooks are involved in all kinds of fantasties about the “golden showers” of Donald Trump and the Skripal “novichok” gobbledygook.

Priti Patel from Cabinet of Horrors

The above image comes from an enlightening piece which outlines a few of Patel’s extreme actions, more powers of arrest, support for the death penalty and the British American Tobacco Company, and the secret meetings with Israel the disclosures of which are non existent. These actions have rocketed her to one of the most powerful positions in the land. The article is totally devoid of any of the “sovereign free country” verbiage which sets her words and her actions poles apart. But then she is a politician.

Unfortunately, behind the professionally-coached interview-smile is a ruthless woman who cares for nobody except herself and the masters she serves. There is so much revealed in this interview, which remember she was duped into thinking was a genuine interview with the Ukrainian Prime Minister, Denys Shmyal, and this makes it chilling to think that the fate of Julian Assange lies in her hands.

As well as the pro-Ukrainian/anti-Russian sentiment a pro-American global elitism exudes from her pores which Coco Chanel or Christian Dior would be unable to expunge. After listening to the dupers’ message about how pleased they were that organisations like Bellingcat and the Home Office had stitched up Julian Assange, she was explicit that the decision on the extradition of Julian Assange was up to the courts. It was earlier that she let the cat out of the bag.

When talking about the way Putin abused Interpol systems she was “very candid” that “we intend to pursue this, particularly with our five eyes colleagues, and the Americans in particular” to introduce “tougher measures against Russia” and went on to say that “it was not just us that wanted Russia removed from Interpol but the Kenyan Vice President Ruto and they are “very pro supportive,” and we need to work with the United Arab Emirates, General al Raisi was elected to Interpol as president, and the UK supported his election, “that is a commitment that I make to you and to your country. . .”

Julian Assange has spoken out about war-crimes and torture. Now he is a victim of torture because of his stance. But Priti Patel’s commitment is to fascists and torturers. General al Raisi, president of Interpol, is suspected of overseeing torture while Deputy President of Kenya, WIlliam Ruto, has outstanding criminal cases against him at the ICC.

Julian Assange spoke the truth. Wikileaks is probably the best source of real news in the world. And this good man has not been charged with a crime – if skipping bail is ignored. Skipping bail (which carries a maximum sentence of six months) was clearly justified. Assange did this because he believed he would be extradited to Sweden and from there to the US – almost certainly true. Now, it is almost certain, Priti Patel is cutting out the middle country.

Where are the journalists speaking up for him? The world we are moving towards is criminal beyond belief. All bloggers, journalists and believers in free-speech should do their bit in fighting for justice for Julian Assange because he is not likely to get it from Patel’s five eyes. One, Australia, his national homeland, has done nothing on his behalf and indeed supported the US all along. Another, the UK, has shown where it’s commitment lies through the words of Priti Patel (when she thought she was speaking to the Ukrainian Prime Minister) and the US is not likely to give him justice when he has exposed them for the war-criminals they are.

Lily Blakely’s sketch of Priti Patel from which the cover image is derived

8 thoughts on “Priti Patel’s Five Eyes

  1. Hello John, thanks for this article. I am an internet idiot how might I find the video you mention above, I am in need of a laugh. In 2008 Sarah Palin was pranked by Canadians pretending to be Jacque Chirac. In the interview she agreed to organise a wolf hunt, which would carried out from a helicopter when the fake Chirac visited her in Alaska. It was all very sordid but very funny. Cheers


    1. Hello Foxbat. If you click on the blue highlighted word “here” in the blogpost (not this message) from the bit that says:

      “Don’t worry. You can watch the full video here.”

      If it does not work let me know please. Thanks.


  2. Thanks for your patience John, I have only been on the internet for a few weeks and am finding it very difficult to understand how it works. I have asked lots of questions on many different sites and have been completely ignored or in a few cases abused and called a “troll”(?). In one case , a troll(?).Do you think I should change my name to something else?Yours is the first explanatory response I have received. I only ended up here because I was searching for the lyrics of that old Bertol Brecht song “Moon of Alabama”. This led to a interesting site called moon of alabama where I clicked on your post and here I am. I must admit the internet seems amazing but there also appears to be a lot of vileness, so I suppose it is like a lot of things – a mixed bag.
    How long have you been doing this? Do you program all this? – your site seems very professional, great graphics etc. It must be a lot of effort. How long did it take to learn all this stuff? Since you don’t seem to asking for money, I am assuming that politics/current events means a lot to you? Again thanks for your time and attention, it is much appreciated.
    Oh by the way my real name is bryan but I was warned not to use my real name but I was not told why. I asked them what name should I use and was told animal names were good disguises.! I think my kindly relations (who got me connected to the internet) have been gently pulling my leg. Ah well Cheers bryan


    1. Bryan, to my mind it does not matter whether you use your own name or a pseudonym. If those who manipulate the internet want to know who you are they will find out.

      Thanks for the compliments. No I do not program the site. It is hosted by WordPress. So I cannot take credit for that. The pictures I search for through search engines.

      Great song. I thought it was called “Alabama Moon” and remember my dad singing it when I was a child. And Moon of Alabama is a great site because it does not follow the mainstream narrative and actually looks for the truth – which of course is free.


  3. Hi John thanks I got my laugh. The backdrop with the two huge flags in the cramped office said it all to me. Patel’s eye movements, glancing continuously to the right for reassurance was also most amusing. Do you think a modern day Sir Humphrey/Bernard combination was sitting just off screen, wildly gesticulating? Hats off to the tricksters, hats on for Patel. Billingcat hah! Bryan

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