Doctors for Covid Ethics 2nd Symposium

Let me direct readers who have not seen Sounding the Call to OffGuardian who have made it available to a wider public. Many thanks to Doctors for Covid Ethics for this outstanding symposium and to UKColumn for hosting both symposia. I left the following comment on the OffGuardian page.

“This symposium was even better than the first. It begins with the area least researched, that of the pathology into those murdered by the jabs, with convincing evidence never seen before in medical history, from a pathologist, and more speculative but essential input from an optometrist for which further research is needed.

The legal aspects, and economic aspects, of this scam on humankind are covered in the symposium and doctors are urged to follow their consciences and put an end to this wholesale murder by needle.

Yes, it is quite long, and I can imagine those with no interest in medicine could quickly get bored. While I urge people to watch the whole symposium, if this is not possible because I know we all have time constraints, let me direct you to Sucharit Bhakdi’s emotional plea at the end of the session. It is a speech of greatness from someone I consider to be a great human being.”

Enjoy. There is some good stuff in there which most people will not have seen before.

And here again is Sucharit Bhakdi’s speech to doctors, lawyers and the whole human race, on behalf of Doctors for Covid Ethics.

The featured image is of Indonesian doctors

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