Support Dr Bhakdi against the smear campaign

Everyone should be very worried about the villifying of good people who have questioned the recent attempts to take away free speech. Academics, medical practitioners and all proponents of integrity and honesty have, since the fantasy pandemic removed even more of our rights than the so-called "War on Terror", have unjustly been ostracised for, as... Continue Reading →

Doctors for Covid Ethics 2nd Symposium

Let me direct readers who have not seen Sounding the Call to OffGuardian who have made it available to a wider public. Many thanks to Doctors for Covid Ethics for this outstanding symposium and to UKColumn for hosting both symposia. I left the following comment on the OffGuardian page."This symposium was even better than the... Continue Reading →

BBC – deaf to debate, blind to reason

James Gallagher, Health and Science Correspondent for the BBC, put up an article "Where are we at with Covid" on 5 November 2021. For his "unbiased" research James Gallagher used comments from three Professors, Professor Tim Spector, Professor Mark Woolhouse and Professor Mike Tildesley. All three are members of the government body driving the yerunda... Continue Reading →

Lies in the skies

On Tuesday 27 July a Chinook was spotted circling round South Birmingham. The next day we got skies you can hardly believe, together with thunder, lightning, rain, hail and swirling winds. Coincidence? Possible. That the US can change the weather, and has been doing for years , denying everything until 2015 when they came clean,... Continue Reading →

The Naked Science of Dr. Chris Smith exposed

Today I am republishing a piece that first appeared in The Daily Expose. The fearless Dr Bhakdi has no compunction in criticising any of the malevolent perpetrators of more than a year of government misinformation. He has some endearing terms for the likes of government stooge, Professor Neil Ferguson, who Bhakdi calls "evil" and "a... Continue Reading →

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