A quick blog about the GBD – update below

The Great Barrington Declaration is already gaining signatures from medical practitioners at a rate of knots. As I write it is nearing 17,000 which is 2000 more than yesterday. But it is not getting as many as it should.

Yesterday I tried to post a comment on Dr. Malcolm Kendrick’s blog which just disappeared into thin air. Search engines can remove comments with links not approved by those who own the search engines. I also contacted Dr. Kendrick to inform him what had happened. I am awaiting a response.

This morning again I tried to post a comment and it disappeared but this time I took a screen dump before trying to post.

Comment I tried to post containing the GBD link

There is nothing wrong with the site or posting to it. I proved this by posting another comment a few minutes later without the link and spaces between the initial letters and the rest of the word as with B arrington.

A subsequent comment without the link or title

Add this to the fact that for the best part of six months I have been unable to post comments to Craig Murray’s blog and I see a very sinister world appearing before my eyes.

UPDATE 12/10/2020

Yesterday I tried to post the following comment to the Google Community help site but for some reason it contravened their guidelines. I am at a loss as to why.

As well as the Google community message in response to David Bailey’s comment there is evidence that people worldwide are struggling to find, let alone sign, this petition. Here is another thread.

Search results for the above displayed the one dissenting comment in the 12 who had been lucky enough not to contravene Google’s guidelines. This comment was in the middle – not top or bottom. Anybody thinking that might be coincidence needs a reality examination.

5 thoughts on “A quick blog about the GBD – update below

  1. John,

    I know that Dr Kendrick had to introduce a rationing scheme for posting on his site because there was such a flood of input – he wrote about that decision a little while ago. I have been caught that way, I think it is 3 short posts or 1 long post per day.


  2. Maybe it is moving about in the GOOGLE listing order, but right now it is the top item – this link:

    I am certain some censorship is going on, but it is easy to use the idea to explain too much!

    The actual petition is available a few lines further down the GOOGLE listing:


    I think sometimes an enthusiast at GOOGLE will remove something that looks a bit too obvious and management have to retract the censorship.

    So both youtube and GOOGLE are playing fair right now! Also please remember that there are other search engines available now for example:




  3. I have recently experienced a ‘self-erasing’ text while in the act of writing (not sure where – may have been youtube).
    By slightly coding the term as three gee wiz it got through.
    I have also met all manner of issues – any of which in itself could be a glitch but which aggregate to sites that are points of questioning or dissent – but not incitement to hate and violence.

    Worth noting that the Net is an ongoing ‘learning’ of predictive programming and can operate shocks in order to learn by responses and built that into its ability to ‘lock down and bubble’ any movement flagged as an ‘instability’ etc.

    I signed the G B D without due diligence. It contains elements I do not support and I become suspicious of plays by which to seem to ‘retreat’ to a ‘democratic’ will, that may in fact be shaped and set in law as the basis to forcibly ‘protect’ the old from their own freedom of responsible risk assessment, so as to bubble them off, lock them down and ‘make them safe’.


    1. Thank you Binra. I signed it too with reservations. I have heard Dr. Sunetra Gupta being more radical than this but I think the aim is to get as many “medical practitioners” as possible on board, so I concur. I’m in the old category but there’s nobody going to get me to lock down, wear a mask or social distance.


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