Pregnant? You should have the flu jab. Or should you?

The BBC has announced further measures to tackle the so-called pandemic, which has turned people from being social, gregarious animals, into timid alienated beings. One of these measures is for pregnant women to have a flu jab. It is of course up to the individual mother-to-be if she takes this advice or not. Caution should be the order of the day, because inside your body is a precious little thing that should not be subjected to something of which the long-term effects are unknown. Autism in children today is rampant and growing exponentially.

While the decision is yours listening to the BBC, which lied over 9/11, MH17 and the Skripal affair, shows a lack of concern for your baby’s future health. At least read this before making any decision. There is an advert almost at the top of the article. Remember, that is an advert, not necessarily a doctor’s opinion. Make sure you read about the complications – one being abortion or premature birth.

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While on this topic there is also a debate about whether pregnant women should wear masks. This article might help you decide.

Thank you. I hope you and your baby will have many years of love, joy and happiness together in a world which could be so much better.

An afterthought

Not everyone knows this, but the PCR test which is being used, against its inventor’s advice, to test for viruses, currently for evidence of the SARS-COV2 virus, is likely to give a positive result in pregnant women. This is just one of at least twenty known triggers for false positive results.

8 thoughts on “Pregnant? You should have the flu jab. Or should you?

  1. Off topic but I just wanted to say I’ve had major problems logging on to either OffGuardian’s blog site or their Twiiter site. I may be over reacting but I feel the end is near!


    1. Me too. It could of course be routine maintenance but I can’t access it either. Not even using Wayback. Let’s not jump to conclusions. I read the great essay by Winter Oak on Schwab’s fascism. What a cracker!


  2. Because the government is clearly manipulating figures in its scare tactics over COVID-19 it has occurred to me that blood-tests for pregnant women could be used to bump up the positive figures (which they wrongly describe as cases). We live in a frightening world.


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