My take on “Take on me” with Peter Churchill and Gina Baker

This morning I got an email from my old friend Tessa Lowe containing a link to a song. Tessa and I worked together more than twenty years ago when Madcap Theatre Company came into existence, producing everything from home-spun comedy to the Pyramus and Thisbe play-within-a-play from Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. Madcap Theatre Company supported the mental health community. I enjoyed the song Tessa embedded so much I promised to try and promote it within my small entourage of dedicated followers and larger audience of occasional readers.

“Take on me” by Peter Churchill and Gina Baker is a rare and brilliantly produced work of entertainment in a time when everyone is in need of creative sustenance to battle through the claustrophobic stifling imposed on all of us (excluding, that is, government advisors). Its message is clear. People want, nay need, the company of others. This is not an overtly political song, more observational I suggest, and you can make of it what you will but what cannot be denied is the talent of these two individuals from the harmonies to the lyrics. Gina’s range is incredible. You will enjoy it. And if you do, spread it. Please!

Peter and Gina work with prisoners, the homeless and other needy community groups. As most people know, and all who have read my review of Tinseltown, sorry La La Land, in my embittered old age I find little to rave about. For this talent I make an exception.


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