COVID-19 – true or hoax?

I don’t know about you but I have been sceptical of the COVID-19 panic since day 1. Nothing that has happened since has changed my mind. Most of the MSM news is full of panic stories, stories aimed at locking people down and preventing social interaction. Ask yourself this simple question. How many people do you know who have COVID-19?

For me the answer is none. It is even less than none (joke) because I  do not know anyone who knows anyone who has been infected with COVID-19. Yet the news is full of them. They include high profile people like Prince Charles, Boris Johnson, Matt Hancock and others who have allegedly spent their time in isolation. Matt Hancock as soon as his confinement was over issued a statement to the effect that he was thinking of introducing certificates to those, like him presumably, who have had the virus. Others presumably will remain in a state of lockdown. Anyone believing that has the gullibility of a fish that repeatedly gets caught.

We get nothing but coverage of something which most likely isn’t an issue. Although we are not in the military we are ordered to confine ourselves to barracks. There are several who think the whole affair is a total hoax. Ron Paul is one of them. He claims that the whole issue is aimed at controlling us. Unfortunately it seems to be working. Everybody is complying and social gatherings have become a thing of the past. This is what the powermongers and fat controllers want.

One of the controllers, a Bilderberger and the richest man in the world, Bill Gates, claimed in February 2017 that a new flu-type virus could kill 30 million people like it did in 1919.  Forbes reported:

“Whether it occurs by a quirk of nature or at the hand of a terrorist, epidemiologists say a fast-moving airborne pathogen could kill more than 30 million people in less than a year. And they say there is a reasonable probability the world will experience such an outbreak in the next 10 to 15 years.”

When the coronavirus, one of several coronaviruses, COVID-19, hit China Bill Gates was fast to update his prediction to 33 million in six months. Fortunately, even by the hyperinflated figures, this looks unlikely to happen now. However the world economy is in a desperate state based on trying to defend against this fairly innocuous virus by adopting extreme measures. Through unnecessary isolation it has killed off social interaction (its purpose) had politicians lying to businesses that they will be bailed out when they won’t, stopped all sports events or meetings where a group of people could actually discuss this issue rationally, given 24/7 coverage to frighten people of a non-existent danger, had local news taken from the screens to make sure everybody gets a single message and left the world in a state which will see millions die from starvation, cold and the diseases brought about by penury. That is the aim – depopulation.

If you believe Bill Gates knew something we didn’t, you’re almost certainly right. He and the other members of that tiny elite of super-rich have been planning this for years. So many videos exist about this it would be unfair on the others to post a single link. The wise know about this. Personally I think their aim will fail. People will start gathering in groups. They already do. There are the police, the armed forces, hospital staff who are still allowed to meet in groups and will eventually see that they are being manipulated. What the super-rich elite hope is that they will always be able to control these establishment assets. But these establishment assets have families who will be suffering privation.

Once a year the people who plan global control meet in a group called the Bilderberg Group. My advice would be for everyone to ignore the fake news put out by mainstream media. This needs to be done in a unified manner. The power of trades’ unions has been very badly weakened but over this issue society really needs to get together. The ability to do that has been taken away through the fake news that the majority believes. Wake up world. Or as Shelley put it:

“Rise like lions after slumber in unvanquishable number – Shake your chains to earth like dew which in sleep had fallen on you – Ye are many – they are few.”

Wake up world! It is not too late yet!


14 thoughts on “COVID-19 – true or hoax?

  1. I have a good friend who has had covid-19. He is about 30. I hope he has recovered, I am yet to hear from him. An elderly friend’s wife has died from it, but she is not someone I knew myself. My longest standing friend’s brother has it; I don’t know how he is doing. A new friend has two relatives who have had it.

    I expect the reason I know of people with covid-19 and you do not, John, is that I live much closer to London. This is also why politicians and celebrities had it before anyone I’m connected to; the virus spreads fastest among those who travel most and meet many people.

    “I have been sceptical of the COVID-19 panic since day 1”

    When was day 1 for you John?


  2. Some people will know people who have been diagnosed with COVID-19. Like you Clark I hope your good friend has recovered too. Why don’t you ask him or one of his friends. The elderly are particularly vulnerable especially if they have other conditions. You don’t say whether the lady who died from it (again I am sorry to hear of this) had any other illness.

    Day 1 for me was when we ceased to be able to go about our daily business like we did before.


  3. I don’t know if she had any illness, but she was very elderly. I keep ‘phoning my 30 year old friend but not getting a reply, but that’s not unusual for him. I expect I’d have heard if he had relapsed, but of course I’m worried.

    I’ve been watching this developing since late January; in place after place it unfolded just like in Wuhan. I was warning people about it on the demo for Julian Assange in London on February 22. Loads of people just wouldn’t believe it. It was surreal seeing the crowded centre of London, and thinking how quiet and empty it would be soon, I could barely believe it myself.

    I saw newspapers in London. I don’t have such things at home except the Extinction Rebellion Hourglass and old copies of the Metro that I pick up from the railway station for lighting the stove, and they don’t bother to deliver the Advertiser out my way. There was a full-page government notice, something like “The Government and the NHS are well prepared to cope with the novel coronavirus”. I just laughed; it was so obvious that they hadn’t even looked at Wuhan. The Australian Broadcasting Company covered it a few days later, including citizens’ phone footage:


    1. Four Corners, like Panorama, has done some good work in the past. I think the above has more than a touch of unnecessary fear and panic without any sense of staying calm in a crisis, though I did not watch it all. I’d like to show you this video of a man going round some of the new hospitals where there were supposed to be overflowing with COVID-19 patients but the hospitals were all empty – like the Nightingale hospitals. For some inexplicable reason it violated YouTube standards,

      So instead I will share details of Exercise Cygnus to help explain where all this is coming from.


  4. The Australian man seemed genuinely scared when he couldn’t get out of China and was stuck in Wuhan. I think the residents were genuinely frightened when the doors of apartment bocks were being welded shut, and people were being forcibly carried off to quarantine. The harsh actions of the authorities scared people a lot, but there is various evidence that there was much more infection and death in China than the authorities admitted to, especially in and near Wuhan. I’m quite suspicious that Stonky at Craig’s might be doing public diplomacy for the Chinese authorities.

    I expect that the Chinese cover-up scared the UK authorities too, but how they ever chose the “herd immunity” big fast widespread epidemic policy mystifies me; it directly contradicts internationally established standard pandemic response strategy, it couldn’t have worked – why bother attempting to isolate the vulnerable when everyone else is going to be infected? There’d be no one uninfected to look after them! The original policy was just utterly inhumane. However, it probably explains why they set up the Nightingale hospitals and the emergency mortuaries. But then they changed policy, and “lockdown” reduced the need.

    This article seems quite informative:

    I can’t work out who are, part of Wilminton, whoever that is, but they plausibly claim to have “seen the NHS Dashboard”. Neither acute care nor intensive care are “empty”, but they do have more spare capacity than expected, which will be due to the “lockdown”.

    There are reasons that other procedures may have been suspended or reduced. One I suspect is to reduce risk of cross infection. Another that I can confirm is lack of staff availability; a member of my local XR group worked in the NHS until recently and several of her friends still do. She tells me of a theatre nurse who’s been moved to the covid-19 ward, as have a lot of staff. This nurse is concerned that she had zero experience with ventilators. Staff are working extra long shifts and are under even more pressure than usual. Complaints about lack of PPE are widespread.

    Exercise Cygnus should never have been made secret! Doing so was outrageous.


    1. I have just checked the spam folder from your comment on Craig Murray’s “Moderation Issue” thread and found the above comment regarding spam in the spam folder.

      There were seven other comments of yours relating to this thread some repeats of comments that got through. The problem must be at your end unless everybody has difficulty posting comments. Really busy at the moment but I’ll take a look at your comments later.


  5. I don’t know what happened in China. I’ve no idea what’s happening here. What I do know about herd immunity it worked in South Korea (2015) and Saudi Arabia (2012). The MERS virus is closely allied to COVID-19 and because of previous epidemics in the years mentioned Saudi Arabia and South Korea pretty well sailed through this with less than 11,000 cases and 253 deaths for South Korea and 37,100 for Saudi Arabia with 239 deaths as of today.

    Your assumption that the UK has got off lightly because of lockdown is totally without substantiation, especially in the light of South Korea which has had no lockdown. Our (UK) figures as of today are 212, 629 with 31,316 deaths allegedly. The lockdown is clearly a nonsense. Herd immunity will do the same for COVID-19 as it did for Saudi Arabia and South Korea.


  6. MERS barely transmits between people. Because of that, there is no human herd immunity to MERS, and there never will be. MERS is also known as camel flu, and humans mostly get it from camels.

    “South Korea which has had no lockdown…”

    “Lockdown versus no lockdown” is a false dichotomy promoted by the MSM. Different countries have differing degrees of restrictions, but also differing degrees of voluntary restriction. If there were lighter restrictions, would you restrict yourself as South Koreans are doing?

    “SEOUL (Reuters) – Residents of a South Korean city at the centre of a new coronavirus outbreak described empty streets, deserted shops, and a climate of fear as a surge in confirmed cases linked to a church raised the prospect of wider transmission.

    – Malls, restaurants and streets in Daegu, the country’s fourth largest city with a population of 2.5 million, were largely empty in scenes that residents and social media users likened to a disaster movie.”

    There are lots of citizen videos from China; I have linked to quite a few from the link below onwards:

    Please check your Spam folder, I think some comments of mine might have got eaten! Some will be near duplicates. I’m trying a different e-mail address this time.


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