Beatles – time to let go

There comes a time when icons of the past need to be reassessed as to what they stand for and for what they stood. Paul McCartney at 80 last night enjoyed a late-in-life moment of exposure at the Glastonbury festival but disgraced himself showing partisan support for an ongoing war by waving a Ukrainian flag.... Continue Reading →

A foreboding aboriginal death

Sadly, David Gulpilil Ridjimiraril Dalaithngu, passed away today, (29 November 2021). He will be remembered for his role in Crocodile Dundee. His debut into the world of films took place after being discovered by Nicolas Roeg and engaged as a child hero in the film "Walkabout". At the time he could speak no English and... Continue Reading →

The seduction of young Thimble

“A thousand good fabrications speak much louder than a standard column inch.” That’s what ‘Call me Jake’, Rory’s boss and associate editor, told him when he first started at the Drudge Online. Look at him now a few months later! Wow! Trainee in the morning ── fully-blown reporter by the time the sun fell over... Continue Reading →

Roller Diner at the Soho Theatre

Playwright Stephen Jackson's Roller Diner, winner of the coveted Verity Bargate Award, brings a welcome taste of Brummie humour to the capital with this engaging musical comedy. When an attractive foreign waitress, Marika (Lucy McCormick), turns up unexpectedly at Eddie Costello's period cafe the stage is set for emotional intrigues which run the full gamut... Continue Reading →

Gongs, Globes and Glory

Emma Stone is up for an Oscar for Best Actress as an award for her lacklustre performance in La La Land. She may well win it. It is the world we live in ― a world of lies and deceit. Another nominee for an Oscar is a short documentary called White Helmets which follows the... Continue Reading →

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