Two academic papers that blow apart the “vaccine” plot

The uphill battle against the mainstream media narrative is beginning to pay off. Cracks are appearing in MSM constructs and fabrications suggesting that the dam may be on the point of bursting. Last week international soccer legend Matt le Tissier reported that because of adverse events and deaths on the field footballers are no longer being pressured to take the jab. The rest of society might learn from footballers’ experiences.

At an academic level, where in recent years the vast majority of research papers published fell into line with the wish-list of funding bodies, at least two papers have bucked the trend and exploded into the public domain.

Mark Skidmore’s paper

As a starting-point Mark Skidmore’s research listed potential adverse events from a US Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee presentation in late October 2020 and mapped them against “adverse events and deaths as reported in OpenVAERS” as of 14 January 2022.

To conduct this research he devised an online “COVID-19 Health Experiences Survey” of US citizens to try and discover what was really happening rather than what the corporate media is saying.

The results, though this is interim research, were alarming and look set to get worse. The survey covers the period from 18 December 2020 to 23 December 2021 – the first year of inoculation with the gene therapies which parade themselves as vaccines. His research, based on results from 3,000 respondents, and corroborative analysis, suggests the “estimated inoculation-related fatalities are about 294,000.” Bearing in mind that analysis by “Lazarus et al. (2010) indicates that just 1% of all adverse events are reported in VAERS” the figure is possibly well in excess of this estimate.

Everything was done to try and prevent the publication of this paper. When it was finally published it quickly became one of the most sought after research papers ever published. Doctor Denis Rancourt takes a different approach but finds a similar increase in deaths during the “vaccine” period.

Denis Rancourt’s paper

As they used to say, hot off the press is Doctor Denis Rancourt and others’ analysis of all cause mortality using weekly death figures in Australia and Israel. Rancourt et al, in their latest study, have found the surge in deaths during the vaccination period to be in line with earlier studies of theirs which demonstrated “significant increases in mortality in India, the USA, Australia, and Canada” throughout the vaccine rollout periods in those countries.

All indications are that this is a global phenomenon. There may of course be anomalies (Africa perhaps) though the paper makes no mention of any speculation on exceptions despite a reluctance of many African countries to trust experiments of a medical nature.

Mark Skidmore’s paper is referred to as one of a growing number of sources which have concluded that COVID-19 “vaccines” are contributory factors towards excess mortality. Rancourt’s most recent study breaks down mortality into age-bands and it is crystal clear that inoculating the elderly is a cause for concern. “We hope that the present report will help put an end to the misguided and baseless public health policy that elderly people should be prioritized for vaccination.” Norway, Rancourt points out, was one of the first countries to stop the experiment on elderly people.

Sadly it is not just the elderly dying in larger numbers. Early in Mark Skidmore’s paper he refers to the Nuremberg trials for human experimentation and Denis Rancourt has a message for governments and its lackeys claiming to be only following orders.

“The COVID-19 vaccines did not only not save lives but they are highly toxic.”

Our contribution

This blog noticed the trend from the start. It questioned why social networking sites might pull an increasingly popular group whose members were reporting their own adverse reactions and family and friends’ deaths and relating them to the so-called “vaccines”.

There is another facet that readers might like to consider. Denis Rancourt has been building up a picture of excess mortality using week by week analysis. There was a time when annual mortalit Ally figures were available and that might still be the case in some countries – Australia for one. Certainly here in the UK the Office of National Statistics (ONS) has changed the method of reporting deaths and weekly figures are the only ones now available. Again thanks to the amazing work of a colleague we have tried to keep you informed about what is really happening in the UK (and around the world).

Annual comparisons, the previous way of reporting, cannot be easily made any more in the UK. Infant deaths have not been reported as a separate entity but bundled in with the totals making analysis difficult, if not impossible. Personal grieving for children lost to the experiment has to be done alone, without the comfort and empathy of those similarly bereft.

This is why the Skidmore and Rancourt papers are so important. And why those pushing the agenda do not want you to see the true picture.

Update 14 February 2023, 15:30

I have been in touch with Dr Rancourt and the explanation for why the ResearchGate link did not work is that the paper has been de-platformed. You might like to consider why.

To my mind it shows that the same people are still in control of what does and does not get seen, and by whom. They are still stemming debate and pushing tripe. How can a paper be taken down when it relates to government and regulatory authority statistics?

Denis appears to be suffering the same fate as Mark Skidmore – that is the truth is being deliberately sacrificed on the altar of Satan because it flies in the face of the unholy agenda to subjugate everyone and stop questions being asked.

Any other ideas?

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