The Paid Pipers of Hamburg

Parents in Hamburg are being pressured into having their young children's lives destroyed by the untested gene therapies wrongly called vaccines. They have received a letter urging them to punish their unadulterated little 5-11 year-olds by injecting them with these downright dangerous concoctions. The letter contains a link instructing them to go to their local... Continue Reading →

Who’s winning the vaccine war?

There are many losers in wars. But not many winners. Financial gains can be made, especially for those with investments in both sides. This post was inspired by an article I've just read by Kit Knightly co-editor of OffGuardian called "CDC Director: “We may need to update our definition of ‘fully vaccinated'”". Knightly observes: We... Continue Reading →

The Naked Science of Dr. Chris Smith exposed

Today I am republishing a piece that first appeared in The Daily Expose. The fearless Dr Bhakdi has no compunction in criticising any of the malevolent perpetrators of more than a year of government misinformation. He has some endearing terms for the likes of government stooge, Professor Neil Ferguson, who Bhakdi calls "evil" and "a... Continue Reading →

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