More on beer-can analogy

I have previously written about beer-cans as an analogy for 9/11 twin towers and how they could not have fallen as they did. Christmas Day 2017 I proved that two empty Banks' beer-cans would independently support the weight of child A (weighing 25 kilos or 55 lbs) and child B (weighing 45 kilos or 99... Continue Reading →

A single twin tower from beer-cans

What the truth is about 9/11 and the demolition of the twin towers remains to be discovered. Certainly the official explanation does not hold water. You only have to read Richard Gage on the crush-down crush-up theory of Bazant to know what bunkum it is.“Evidently this crush down model and theory is complete nonsense, but... Continue Reading →

Crates and Cranes (9/11)

Photocredit: I am attempting here to demonstrate simply why the Twin Towers and Building 7 could not have fallen in on themselves as they appeared to do without some kind of controlled demolition. The tragedy of that fateful day in September 2001 will never be forgotten and the families of victims should learn the... Continue Reading →

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