Another letter to my MP Steve McCabe

My M.P. is hell-bent on getting everybody vaccinated despite the concerns of sensible people who have studied the facts. I share my letter because an automated response talks about prioritising due to the pandemic (the nonsense pandemic). Dear Steve McCabe M. P., 19 March 2021Thank your for your circular constituency letter dated March 2021. I... Continue Reading →

Can my MP wake up Keir Starmer?

Last Thursday (01/10/2020) I got the following response from my MP, to my letter and email delivered to him 21 September 2020. Dear John GossThank you for contacting me regarding your concerns about a Covid-19 vaccination.┬áThe Covid-19 pandemic has had a disastrous effect on the health and well-being of people across the UK and worldwide.... Continue Reading →

A warning to my MP

My indignation rises every time I think of what has happened to the Labour Party under its new leadership. I talked to a gentleman only this morning who has left the party because under Keir Starmer nobody is for us any more. He thinks a new party of Corbyn supporters would be preferable to what... Continue Reading →

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