North/South Covid divide

The political cartoon depicts the presidents of North and South Korea at the historic 2018 summit. The two heads of state, Kim Jong Un (right) and Moon Jae-in, are seen, the former with a missile in his hand, the latter with the dove of peace in his. This tells us one thing and one thing... Continue Reading →

Can my MP wake up Keir Starmer?

Last Thursday (01/10/2020) I got the following response from my MP, to my letter and email delivered to him 21 September 2020. Dear John GossThank you for contacting me regarding your concerns about a Covid-19 vaccination.┬áThe Covid-19 pandemic has had a disastrous effect on the health and well-being of people across the UK and worldwide.... Continue Reading →

Never Again

Never in my fairly long life have I been exposed to such a global scam as the way in which the virus SARS-COV-2 has been used to create public panic and distrust in the world. Humans are naturally gregarious animals yet in practically every country on the planet they have been instructed to disobey their... Continue Reading →

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