How many UK military personnel are in Mariupol?

The largest steel factory in Ukraine, Azovstal, in Mariupol, is under siege. It is where the last of the Azov battalion soldiers (and military advisors) have retreated. This factory is owned by oligarch, Rinat Akhmetov, who has property in London. Akhmetov buys favours from whoever is in power in Ukraine. He funded pro-Soviet president, Viktor... Continue Reading →

Mariupol – the battle goes on

Reports, unconfirmed by Kiev, are coming in that one of AZOV battalion's leaders, Nikolai Kravchenko, was killed yesterday. He was known as Krook, "Raven" in Ukrainian, and according to his friend, Andrei Biletsky, his death is in addition to that of his father who was killed last week near Kharkov. The AZOV battalion has a... Continue Reading →

Suburban humanitarian corridors created

From the outskirts of Mariupol humanitarian corridors have been set up to free those held hostage for long days by the neo-Nazi occupants. My understanding is that heavy fighting is still going on in the centre of the city.Vineyard of the Saker has produced a translation of the Russian Ministry of Defence statement from the... Continue Reading →

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