Tiffany Dover – hiding the truth

Having written three posts regarding the assumed death of Tiffany Dover at the hands of vaccine manufacturer Pfizer Biontech, here, here and here I thought something of mine might appear if I did a general search-engine search for the name. I was actually looking for the most recent commentary so I used a search string... Continue Reading →

Neo-Nazism and its symbols

At the end of April 1937, when Hitler's air-force bombed the Basque capital of Guernica to help Franco's fascists, Pablo Picasso was outraged enough to paint his world famous depiction of the atrocity. In December that year Hitler opened an art gallery in Munich, Haus der Kunst. He told a "Heil Hitler" crowd of some... Continue Reading →

Can my MP wake up Keir Starmer?

Last Thursday (01/10/2020) I got the following response from my MP, to my letter and email delivered to him 21 September 2020. Dear John GossThank you for contacting me regarding your concerns about a Covid-19 vaccination.┬áThe Covid-19 pandemic has had a disastrous effect on the health and well-being of people across the UK and worldwide.... Continue Reading →

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