Christians Awake – it’s time for the truth

On Easter Sunday this year in Sri Lanka three Christian churches together with three hotels in Colombo were targeted by ISIS in suicide attacks which claimed the lives of more than 250 people and injured some 500 others including worshippers and foreigners. The attack was premeditated. What is more the Saudi Arabian foreign office knew... Continue Reading →

A beautiful children’s film from Russia

At a time when the western world is blaming Russia for all its ills I urge other Christians to join me in trying to build bridges. This film, as well as having a message about the oppression of Christians and the Church during Stalin's leadership years, deftly captures the interactions and peer-group mentality of children... Continue Reading →

Do these hymns belong in a Christian service?

Today the recessional hymn, after the first Sunday service in Lent, turned out to be totally incongruous to Christian faith. It has almost no connection to Christian teaching with only one token verse tagged on at the end to make it appear Christian when it is actually Zionist. It begins: Jerusalem the golden, With milk... Continue Reading →

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