These two men are the same

Bellingcat has brought out part two of its proof that Sergeyev and Fedotov are the same man. In a tediously long article it takes the reader down the road of four months of investigation that led to the conclusion with which it first started. Helped along the way by the western-sponsored Fontanka (named after one... Continue Reading →

Did Bellingcat get something wrong?

After writing my last blogpost about the latest Bellingcat "revelations" I decided to go looking for their man wanted for poisoning the Skripals. If what I found is correct and it is the same man, he is still living under his real name (not Fedotov) and is now the Vice Consul of the recently-opened Russian... Continue Reading →

Told you – Bellingcat takes the dosh

In my last blog exposing the fact that the Skripals were not poisoned by Novichok or any other military-grade organophosphate I mentioned that there was allegedly a third suspect in this non-event invented by our spooks. To me it came as no surprise to learn the suspect was Russian. I wrote: "You watch, very soon... Continue Reading →

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