Stickers contain small, snappy messages. They can be printed using sticker machines like the Brother QL-800 and placed in prominent positions.

Sticker posting

Please be considerate where you stick them. They are difficult to remove and the purpose is not to upset people and make their lives miserable but to get across important information of which otherwise people may not be aware. They should never be stuck on vehicles.

Guitar-cases, golf-trolleys (as above), handbags, clothes or other personal possessions are ideal since nobody has any right to remove them from personal items.

Essential messaging accepts no responsibility for stickers posted illegally. However it is understood that while the world media is pursuing an agenda of downright lies there is a necessity to get out the truth. Please be discerning as to how this is done.

A message to those who damage stickers

To those who scratch out our sticker messages: you are the ones causing a mess! They look really ugly.

After a while stickers fade and deteriorate on their own through weathering. They can then be removed much more easily than if someone has tried to scratch out the truth. Once the calendering of the paper is compromised areas of the stickers degrade at different rates. It is then virtually impossible to remove them as a single entity.

You can see that the sticker above, though faded, crinkled and weathered, has peeled off in one piece. This is how it would have looked while new and still on its backing paper.

Other sources for stickers

The White Rose has a Telegram page where stickers can be downloaded.

If you do not have a printer you can buy ready-printed White Rose stickers from ebay. Here is one such supplier.



Step 1 – Buy a cheap Brother QL-810 W, QL-800, QL-700, QL-600, QL-570, QL-550 or QL-500 label printer.

Step 2 – Download your sticker

Step 3 – You can then print hundreds of stickers per minute very inexpensively from your own home.

Full Page Stickers

In the link below are some full page and individual stickers from Children’s Health Defense with a message from Robert F. Kennedy, junior.

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