Kiev’s evil Easter intent

Our Easter celebrations are nearly over, while Ukraine, Russia and all orthodox Christian countries begin theirs later this week. It has come to the attention of Moscow that a large-scale false-flag operation is being planned by KIev to add to its bombing of hospital No. 5, the drama theatre - both at Mariupol - the... Continue Reading →

The oaken roots of truth

Continuing the Easter run of guest articles. this one comes highly recommended, like the others. We really need to resist what is happening, through mainstream indoctrination and pseudo-science that they want people to follow. Winter Oak is a blog well worth following. The Duke of Edinburgh wanted to come back as a virus. There is... Continue Reading →

Sorenson on Ukraine and media lies

In yesterday's All the Goss it was a pleasure to introduce Eric Zeuss to readers not familiar with his work. He spoke the truth about some of the the lies being used to cover up the lies the liars previously put into the public mindset. Today it is the turn of David Sorenson who further... Continue Reading →

How many UK military personnel are in Mariupol?

The largest steel factory in Ukraine, Azovstal, in Mariupol, is under siege. It is where the last of the Azov battalion soldiers (and military advisors) have retreated. This factory is owned by oligarch, Rinat Akhmetov, who has property in London. Akhmetov buys favours from whoever is in power in Ukraine. He funded pro-Soviet president, Viktor... Continue Reading →

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