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7 vaccine questions NIMS failed to answer

The NHS National Immunisation Management Services (NIMS) is almost impossible to find as a separate entity for handling vaccination queries. Yet this body is responsible for the drive to get everybody vaccinated with untested life-threatening vaccines.

Having been harassed perpetually to get a Covid-19 vaccination amounting to 2 text messages, 4 letters and 5 telephone calls I was getting quite annoyed by the time Mr. Sid Patel phoned on Wednesday 10 February. He got the sharp end of my tongue.

I told him that this harassment was beyond reasonable and that he and others trying to get me vaccinated in a global experiment on human beings were breaking the Nuremberg Code by this onslaught. I further told him that at the Nuremberg Trials “only obeying orders” was not an admissible plea.

It seemed to shock him and he asked if I would like to speak to a clinician as he did not have medical knowledge. My answer was a most emphatic yes.

“It’s a bit late but would you like to speak to one now?”

I thought it wasn’t too late for him to phone. It was about 7 p.m.

“Yes,” I answered.

“I’ll see what I can do.”

He told me it might be tomorrow. Nobody got back that night or the next day and it occurred to me they may not.

However, on Friday 12 February I did get a call from a clinician. Her name was Dee Power.

My message to her was that I was sick of being pestered to take a vaccine which had been untested. She told me she was a nurse and went into some spiel about how her children had been vaccinated with the MMR jab because as a child she got mumps and it had left her deaf in one ear.

Although I was sorry to learn that I pointed out it was diversionary. These vaccines have not been tested, the full path of the virus has not been isolated in clinical conditions, people were testing positive with a test that had no credibility for diagnostic purposes and that it was an experiment on the British public. I went on for about twenty minutes. Most of my arguments can be found on this blog.

I asked her to give me evidence, proper medical evidence, that what I had explained to her was wrong. She said she would find it and send it to me. I gave her my email address even though I know they have all that information already. She offered no counter-arguments to my reasons for not taking the jab. And she did acknowledge that there had been some adverse reactions to the vaccines.

Worn down she told me she had to talk to others.

“You don’t need to have the jab if you don’t want.”

She was telling me something I already knew.

“But it is not just me. It is other people. Those who have not been properly informed of the risks – short-term or long-term – in line with the Nuremberg protocol. Now will you promise to find me credible medical evidence to the questions I’ve asked?”

“Yes,” she said.

“Let’s make sure you have the questions.” I listed the following:

Can you get me actual proof that the full path of virus has been isolated in clinical conditions?

Can you get me proper medical proof that the vaccines work?

Can you get me genuine clinical proof that the PCR test works as a diagnostic tool for this virus?

Can you tell me how many amplifications are being used in the PCR test to diagnose COVID-19?

Can you give me medical or scientific evidence that the wearing of masks stops the spread of the virus?

Can you give me medical or scientific evidence that social-distancing stops the spread of the virus?

Can you give me medical or scientific evidence that lockdowns stop the spread of the virus?

She promised she would get me that proof. I have heard nothing. There is no argument from my point of view that this should not be readily available. The whole country is being vaccinated on evidence from the Chief Scientific Officer, Sir Patrick Vallance, and the Chief Medical Officer, Professor Christopher Whitty. So where is it?

All this is a sham. The country is being hoodwinked into putting their lives at risk for a virus that, if it can be fully isolated, should by now have run its course. People are dying or suffering major adverse reactions, and you can find evidence all over this blog. Yet you cannot find answers to perfectly ordinary questions that everybody should be asking.

Nobody telephones me any more.

But my questions have gone unanswered.


Disclaimer: The quotes in this post are not verbatim but they would check out favourably against any taped record. The questions were written down during the telephone conversation.


Starlings and sheep

Lynda Thyer released on bail

At last an item of good news which I, and I guess many others, missed. At the end of January Lynda Thyer was released from the Fleury-Mérogis prison on the outskirts of Paris.

In my last blog post I wrote of the way she, and David Noakes, had been mistreated, unaware then that she had been released on bail.

Hardly anybody knows about the almost secret extraditions of Lyn Thyer and David Noakes at the behest of the UK government and Big Pharma-owned MHRA for trying to save the lives of terminally-ill cancer patients. Yes, that is the same MHRA that is currently pushing several experimental vaccines to drastically reduce the population in an unprecedented attack on our most vulnerable old people.

She is not totally out of the woods yet but things look very promising that there is no case to answer. Indeed there never was. Towards the end of last year I tried to make the persecution of Lynda Thyer by Big Pharma public knowledge.

I am so pleased now to be able to report that she is no longer in prison. In this video her brother, Trevor Banks, talks to Ramola D, who has campaigned long and hard for Lynda Thyer. He talks of the new advocate the defence has engaged, Olivier Foret – not sure about the spelling. Here is the video link again.

The UK is now a Stalinist state

One of my areas of interest is Russian literature of the early twentieth century and its demise following the Russian revolution of 1917. Most of the great literature was written before the revolution or afterwards in emigration by people like Georgy Ivanov (1894-1958). Ivanov was critical, possibly unfairly, of those who stayed behind, and there are vignettes of a number of leading lights of the Silver Age in his recollections of life prior to, and shortly after, the revolution.

In Petersburg Winters (Петербуркские зимы) Ivanov’s portrayals were heavily criticised by those still alive and on the receiving end. The leading lights Ivanov wrote about included Anna Akhmatova, Osip Mandelshtam (nearly always wrongly written Mandelstam), Nikolai Gumilyov, Alexander Blok, Mikhail Kuzmin and Sergei Yesenin.

In his prose-poem Распад Атома which is usually translated as Disintegration of the Atom Ivanov talks of the “glorious knight of the intelligentsia . . . everywhere sniffing out injustice like a hound-dog”. Under Stalin Russian poets and writers, living in Russia, could no longer criticise the regime, not even in the way Tsars had been criticised after Pushkin’s death. Researching this brought me to a thesis by Dimitri N. Shalin called Intellectual Culture: The End of Russian Intelligentsia.

One of the factors pushing Ivanov into emigration was the shooting of his friend and mentor, Nikolai Gumilyov, who had got himself embroiled in a right-wing anti-Soviet group of conspirators. The investigator of what became known as the Tagantsev Conspiracy was Yakov Agranov who, after overseeing the fate of so many intellectuals, would himself end up as a victim of Stalin’s paranoia.

Maxim Gorky was a good man who pleaded to the US on behalf of the famine-stricken in Soviet Russia. Shalin notes:

Maxim Gorky, an important writer and a well-known public figure with links to the Bolsheviks, waged a losing battle against the new regime on the pages of his newspaper “New Life.” “Lenin, Trotsky and their cronies have already been poisoned by power,” wrote Gorky on November 7, 1917; “witness their shameful attitude toward the freedom of speech, personality, and the sum total of rights for which democracy fought for a long time.”

Gorky’s newspaper, New Life, was closed and he emigrated in 1922, only to return again some six years later with full praise for Stalinist Russia – not having lived there. Those from the left, supportive of the Bolsheviks, soon realised that the new form of government was just as tyrannical as the old. Mayakovsky shot himself with a gun gifted him by Yakov Agranov. Sergei Yesenin hanged himself in a Leningrad hotel after writing his final poem in his own blood.

The wife of Mandelshtam, Nadezhda, whose husband died in transit to a Siberian camp, urged compromise for the sake of relatives and close family. “There is one more thing I can add: do not bring children into this monstrous world.”

The cited cases outlined above are only the tip of the iceberg. At this point Soviet Russia must be left to concentrate on the similarities with the UK, and the west in general, in this glorious age of Covid-19.

Shutting down the voice of opposition

Only those sleeping through this current nightmare will be unaware that there is no political opposition to the dictates. These dictates do not come from the despatch box but from lecterns at which stand the three stooges of the day all to willing to inflict more misery on an already miserable society. The Labour Party, which is supposedly the opposition, appears to be in total support of this dictatorship.

All the instruments of a totalitarian regime are in place. The informers are there to shop anyone trying to live a normal life. The so-called Nightingale Courts have been set up to deal with a backlog of cases caused by people disobeying government guidelines – living a normal life in other words. One such court is at the Lowry Theatre, Manchester.

Am I missing something? A place of entertainment is being used to prosecute people for entertaining? Is the irony lost on snitches who got them prosecuted? It beggars belief.

The new “iron laws”, as Ivanov called them when applied to Soviet Russia, are being enforced by our police and judiciary regardless of the fact that those breaking the law would never have been prosecuted twelve months ago. The people being arrested today are just normal people behaving normally. The laws are wrong. Enforcing them is wrong.

What does a totalitarian government do to those who speak out? It silences them. How does it do that?

It imprisons them. It exiles them. It cuts off their means of communication. It kills them.

Most of us will soon have forgotten how long ago it is since Julian Assange was a free man speaking out against the growing unaccountability of totalitarian regimes.

Hardly anybody knows about the almost secret extraditions of Lyn Thyer and David Noakes at the behest of the UK government and Big Pharma-owned MHRA for trying to save the lives of terminally-ill cancer patients. Yes, that is the same MHRA that is currently pushing several experimental vaccines to drastically reduce the population in an unprecedented attack on our most vulnerable old people.

As to cutting off our means of communication most of us have known some kind of censorship at the hands of social media. If they can do it to a president they can do it to anyone. And it is only going to get worse. It will get worse so gradually that most people will not notice, so gradually that the masses will start thinking Wikipedia is the fount of all knowledge.

Most of the deaths orchestrated by Beria, Yezhov and company were not available for years. Those being vanished today we will not know about for decades, if ever. The death of whistleblower Brandy Vaughan is suspicious. Seth Rich is another whose murderers may never be known. It is little comfort that Beria, Yeshov and company would eventually suffer the same fate as their victims.

There can be no argument that society has been changed beyond measure in the last twelve months. All the propaganda is the same as it was in the early days of Soviet Russia. Back then the Leninist slogan for the masses was arguably a lot more positive than it is today.

Мир, хлеб, земля

Peace, bread, land

Nevertheless it was still a three-word jingoistic meme.

Hands, face, space

Nothing changes. Welcome to the Stalinist UK.

BBC Panorama – a total disgrace

Panorama was once respected as a bastion of impartial and investigative broadcasting. Today it stooped to the level of the rest of BBC wall-to-wall, morning, noon and night, conspiracy output. It showed its true colours as just another tool of total media control by the same controllers that control governments of the world.

The name Panorama should changed to Propagandarama.

Using a reporter, Marianna Spring, in an ill-researched item called Vaccines: The Disinformation War, it tried to allay the growing concerns among the populace who are collectively waking up to the potential problems from vaccines: the short term results of which have already been disastrous. Masked up, and on one occasion wearing both a mask and visor – outside in the fresh air – she mumbled a message of vaccines are safe.

In a piece of tragic irony one of the people in the polemic, Helen I think her name was, lost her father who had multiple issues, went into hospital, had a Covid jab, allegedly caught the mysterious virus Covid-19, and died. No mention that the vaccine may have been the trigger. So many people in care homes have died since being vaccinated – and these are only the short-term deaths.

To broach the subject of vaccine deaths this is an open letter to government from the UK Medical Freedom Alliance, with named recipients Matt Hancock, Nadhim Zahawi and prime minister, Boris Johnson, copied in. The factual concerns outlined in the letter were not even mentioned in the Panorama farce. Scroll down for a true picture of the correlation between vaccinations and deaths in nursing homes.

I never heard the name of a single vaccine mentioned in the Panorama nonsense yet the message was repeated over and over “the vaccine is safe”. Chief among the messengers was Liam Smeeth.

Professor Liam Smeeth is an out-and-out government asset. He is part of an unaccountable pseudo-scientific body, OpenSafely, the purpose of which appears to provide potential for obfuscation and misappropriation of figures – since it is not openly transparent in the way medical bodies normally are. Indeed it has been introduced in a similar way to the Coronavirus Act 2020 – as an emergency measure. It claims to be self-funded. This I am assuming is because it does not wish researchers to dig out the fact that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and/or major vaccine producers are among the funding bodies to which applications have been made.

I might be wrong but it would not surprise me if George Soros is not behind the funding. He has funded the OpenDemocracy outfit which pretends to be egalitarian while its purpose is sinister, if we are to believe Klaus Shwab. Soros also put funds into OpenUkraine which established the civil war in Ukraine which has yet to end.

All the papers OpenSafely has issued to date appear to have no funding sources. We can be pretty sure it’s coming to you Liam from one source or another and not out of your own pocket.

Smeeth is allegedly a practising doctor. He seemingly has lots of time on his hands since medical practices were shut down, Another quango Smeeth is part of is the MHRA, a body which has let these vaccination initiatives go ahead, indeed encouraged them, despite there having been no proper trials.

Proper trials take six to ten years and let it be known that a safe vaccine has never been found for any of the SARS family or MERS family of viruses. Trials of vaccines for the 2003 outbreak of SARS-COV had to be halted because, although ferrets, and humans, seemed to be largely unaffected by the vaccines initially, when exposed to another naturally-occurring coronavirus or pathogen – this could be the common cold – all the ferrets died.

Children who took part in the experiment died too. They died from a cytokine storm initiated because of the vaccine. In short the victims immune systems were overwhelmed.

I have already covered the kind of reactions people are experiencing from the vaccine experiments.

This is how safe they are. Poor Shawn Skelton’s life has been turned upside down. Another link shows the devastating effects of some kind of chorea caused by an mRNA vaccine. While this nurse, Kristi Simmonds, blames nobody because she took the vaccine “for the common good” and concludes that everybody has to make their own choice.

These are early days and individuals like Smeeth and government quangos like the MHRA and BBC, are telling people how safe they are. Remember that name Smeeth. On last night’s Panorama he called for the good doctors who follow the medical duty to “do no harm” to be disciplined.

The people who should really be disciplined are people like Smeeth himself and other modern-day Josef Mengeles,

Tiffany Dover – update

In my last post about Tiffany Dover I asked a very important question. I asked why does Dr. Jesse Tucker not get Tiffany to do a short interview to let the general public be aware that she is all right.

Mainstream media have been working overtime to try and dispel rumours of Tiffany Dover’s death. The latest is a Daily Mail article targeting those trying to get at the truth, those in fact like myself. We are dubbed with that hoary old chestnut “conspiracy theorists” when it ought to call us “investigative journalists” – except that is a term almost totally alien to mainstream media in this day and age.

The Daily Mail has gleaned its information from an article in The Daily Beast – can’t think in what corner of Hell that organ originated but on checking, as good journalists should, it is a fictional media publishing outfit from an Evelyn Waugh novel: “Scoop”. You might be forgiven for thinking fiction is a key selling-point in its modus operandi.

Whatever its origins The Daily Beast is clearly a pro-establishment, pro-vaccination outfit. Reading a handful of articles soon confirms this. The gist of The Daily Beast’s lengthy denunciation of “conspiracy theorists” (and the Mail’s repetition) is that Tiffany Dover is still alive.

The author of the article, Emily Shugerman, says she interviewed the sister-in-law, mother-in-law and father-in-law of Tiffany, who allegedly confirmed that they have photos of Tiffany with them at Christmas. I want this to be true. And I hope it is. I sincerely hope too that she is still alive and well and that stories of her going into work every day are also true. Up to now there has been no confirmation of this.

Emily Shugerman’s article “Anti-Vaxxers Won’t Stop Harassing Nurse They’re Convinced Is Dead” has the sub-heading “SHE’S VERY MUCH ALIVE”. As someone disinclined to take any untested vaccine which is likely killing people in droves it probably puts me into the anti-vaxxer camp. What I never did was try and contact any of Tiffany Dover’s family. That cannot be said of Emily Shugerman who has clearly been harassing relatives.

Contacting the police, or the hospital, is another matter. Shugerman was allegedly in touch with a police spokesperson, Elisa Myzal, who in “struggling for a response” said:

“The police department isn’t involved in this at all because there’s no crime, no death, no nothing,” Myzal said. “So we don’t really have a strategy or a response.”

Well that concludes it then. The police have confirmed that she is not dead. Or have they? In the police statement Tiffany Dover is not mentioned by name. Neither do we know what Myzal’s rank is or which department she works for.

Evidence we can see

The Daily Beast’s inordinately long and tangential article published on 1 February 2021 adds little if anything new, except for reference to a suspect photograph, from the News Observer, which claims to include Tiffany at a time when Georgia police chief, Johnny Scearce, was allowed to go home from CHI Memorial hospital in Chattanooga after three months in care. The suspect photograph was not included in the Daily Beast’s feature but the Daily Mail snatched a copy saying that Tiffany was second from the right.

Those with an artistic flair were quick to point out that in that third video, released by Memorial hospital on 21 December 2020, the woman wearing a vaccination sticker and a Tiffany identity tag was not Tiffany, but suspected to be Amber Honea – whose details have vanished from all social media and search engines.

The video has also been removed by YouTube and all main corporate video hosting services. Those who grabbed copies early included a site called Much ado about corona. In a piece about vaccine metamorphosis it argues that the two women Tiffany, and another from the video released on the 21st in order to dispel rumours of her death, were not the same person.

Borrowing snapshots from Much ado about corona I will likewise argue that the person in the latest photo is not Tiffany. But you can decide.

Top and bottom left are Tifanny Dover, top and bottom middle are from the video released on 21 December 2020 (suspect Amber Honea), to her right is a snapshot from the News Observer of the person that the Daily Mail and Daily Beast claim to be Tiffany, and to her right the real Tiffany again.

Although the News Observer article is behind a paywall (and not cheap either) Fox News featured a video of Johnny Scearce’s going-home send-off. It appears to show the same person claimed to be Tiffany standing against the wall as the trolley-bed goes past. Here is a snapshot.

The longer this story goes on the more suspicious people are going to become. Main suspicions centre around why the hospital was happy on the day of Tiffany’s vaccination to share with the world the fact that she had recovered and yet now, six weeks later, nobody can even contact the hospital asking for details about Tiffany and get a response. To let her speak would eliminate any further hassle from anybody.

It would be in the hospital’s best interest to do this. Otherwise suspicions will remain. Already the hospital has an unscrupulous reputation for dishonesty in allowing a surrogate to pose as Tiffany Dover. It could redeem itself and at the same time explain why it resorted to such a measure.

Other questionable issues include why the big social media network operators and search engines have taken down the video put out by Memorial hospital.

Why has the video, released on 21 December, been cut to obscure the woman posing as Tiffany raising her formerly interlinked hands to put them in her pockets? Would it reveal that she had no engagement-ring?

Why have details been hidden of individuals who could help solve the mystery?

Why do mainstream media and so-called “fact-checkers” release ill-argued and badly-investigated published items to prove Tiffany Dover is still alive when a simple interview would stop any pestering from those of us concerned about her welfare, and trolls?

Finally, why does Dr. Jesse Tucker not take the trouble to dispel any rumours by doing the honourable thing?

Because if Tiffany Dover has died, and Dr. Tucker is concealing that fact, it is a striking-off offence.

Love is . . .

Shawn Skelton is the certified nursing assistant of 25 years experience whose story is covered here under the heading “A warning to parents”. Two days after taking Moderna’s vaccine Shawn developed an uncontrollable shaking during waking hours indicative of some kind of chorea.

The hospital where she received the vaccine said it must be stress-related and sent her home. Shawn, who is not anti-vaccine, put videos of her condition online to warn others of potential dangers from the vaccine. As well as the shaking there is uncontrollable spasms of the tongue.

Many heartless messages, not worth repeating, appeared in social media from people with a limited command of English and a limited capacity for sound argument. Many of them were almost certainly inspired by professor of journalism, Stephen Doig, of Arizona State University.

In an attempt to discover if there had been any progress in Shawn’s condition, and looking for a picture to accompany this post, I uncovered a love story – the story of Shawn and her boyfriend, Rich. First let me say that Rich has recently given an update on Shawn’s progress to say that they have found a team of medics who have taken on the case.

On 22 January Shawn herself wrote that soon they would put a video together to show what her treatments and improvements are. Briefly her movements have slowed down and “are no longer constant”. She has failed many of the neurological tests she has taken and has no idea when she will be able to return to work. She is missing her residents and asks for prayers.

This photo, taken from last summer, shows Rich in the foreground with Shawn paddling a canoe. I think it says everything. There is kindness and happiness on the faces of both. In selecting this particular one I trawled through an album of wonderful photographs of the couple, many cheek to cheek, each depicting a couple undoubtedly in love, with expressions of love accompanying the photos.

It lifted my spirits. I sincerely hope and pray that the damaging effects of the Moderna vaccine do not put too big a strain on this love, and that Shawn is soon back to her old self. She is brave and strong-willed and if bravery and strength are the requirements needed for recovery I am sure she will pull through.

Yelena Skripal – a dying mother’s love for her errant son

Media lies over COVID-19 now occupying prime time it may have been forgotten that nearly three years ago the lies were all about the alleged poisoning of Sergei Skripal. This convoluted load of nonsense was almost comparable in terms of media coverage to what is going on with the current lies. The Skripals are dead. They are alive. They have been given new identities. The stories were endless and are now forgotten.

While the COVID-19 yerunda seemingly occupies every minute of news coverage the death of Sergey Skripal’s mother, Yulia’s grandmother, slipped under the radar.

In December last year the whole family were, allegedly, infected with coronavirus.

Yelena Skripal died at 5 pm Moscow time on 7 January 2021. She wrote what she described as the longest ever letter to her son, Sergey, not knowing whether he will ever get to read it.

A mother’s love never dies.

BBC Muslim doctor engages in mainstream genocide

This morning, Dr Nighat Arif, a resident GP on BBC news, who is building a strong reputation as a government shill, propagates the mainstream genocide message over vaccines. She encourages the Muslim population to get stabbed with these untested concoctions.

There are three things that she says she asks herself about a vaccine. Is it available? Is it effective? Is it safe?

On this morning’s BBC Breakfast she asked those questions but chose not to answer them.

So I have another question for her. How much Dr Nighat Arif? How much are they paying you to promote this nonsense in the face of facts? I suspect she will keep quiet on this too.

Facts are what the BBC carefully avoids. That is left to those of us at war with the establishment promoting the ongoing genocide. Here are some more facts.

Christian care-worker on murder of the elderly

James, who unlike Dr. Arif is likely to lose his job, cannot stay silent on what has happened in the care-home in which he works. Throughout the whole of 2020 very few of the residents at the home where he works as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) were diagnosed with the virus and none of them died.

After taking the untested Pfizer mRNA vaccine 14 died within a fortnight. Others, with whom he used to converse, can no longer talk. Others, who were formally mobile, can no longer walk.

Those who died are being recorded as COVID-19 deaths. Administrators at the care-home ascribe deaths to a super-spreader. As James notes if that were true why is the virus not contained to one floor of the home? The deaths have occurred on three floors.

A few patients in the home refused the vaccine. They have had no problems.

James is a lay-preacher. He has a message for fellow care-workers who remain silent when they know what is going on.

“The essential purpose of your work is to save lives.”

So many deaths recorded on CDC website

In the US, which started vaccinating before the UK, there have been countless deaths following a procedure which is allegedly given to protect against COVID-19.

The above page is one example. Records include:

“Patient was vaccinated at 11.00 am and was found at the facility in his room deceased at approximately 3.00 pm. Nurse did not have cause of death.”

“1-2-2021 10-30 PM Complained Right arm/back hurt – took Tylenol 1-3-2021 Complained Right arm hurt, dizzy 1-4-2021 Felt better – did laundry, daughter found her deceased at 3.30. Dr at hospital said it was a “cardiac event” according to death certificate.”

Or something as simple as:


with no details – except the knowledge that the patient had been vaccinated prior to death.

The above page contains 35 deaths following vaccination. It covers a few days and there are pages and pages of these deaths.

The BBC, for which Dr. Nighat Arif appears to have total loyalty, has not mentioned any deaths or adverse reactions. Neither did she. She mentioned people making adverse comments about her which was hurtful. This is news likely to prevent sensible people from taking the vaccines.

Let me tell you Dr. Arif the hurt you feel from adverse comments is nothing compared to the hurt of family loss from the genocidal vaccines you are promoting.

Tiffany Dover and Pfizer BioNTech – blanking out a life – a circus of fact-checkers – a big unanswered question

Concerns grow for the safety and whereabouts of Tiffany Dover a nurse who fainted on 17 December 2020 after being given a Pfizer BioNTech jab. She recovered sufficiently to give an interview, but has not been heard of for above a month.

In my last blog-post about the incident I mentioned two of the fact-checkers, the Sun and Reuters, who claimed she was alive and well and anyone suggesting she might be dead was a troll. To add to the litany of naysayers is this piece by Camille Cadera for USA Today. It concludes with this statement.

At the time of writing all these fact-checker sites are still making the same claim. They all are supposed to contain a link purporting to be Tiffany with her work colleagues. USA Today similarly points to a link which it says shows Tiffany and other staff at the hospital. It says:

On Dec. 21, the hospital also shared a video of Dover and her colleagues, some holding signs that read “Nursing Leadership Supports Tiffany” and “#CHIMemorialStrong.”

But if you click on the link it tells you “Sorry, that page does not exist”. It is the same for other fact-checkers. The link does not work. Why would all these honest mainstream indoctrination agents link to a video that does not exist? Fortunately for us it still exists, if you know where to look even if YouTube has blanked it out in a clean-sweep.

It has survived in a recording which a concerned Russian had the sense to make. The quality is not very good but adequate enough to show that the picture below – which is very good – was taken from it.

In all likelihood the nurse in the video is Amber Honea, a work colleague of Tiffany’s. She is wearing Tiffany’s identity tag and a blue badge to say she has been vaccinated against Covid-19. She is also wearing Tiffany’s necklace which sits much higher on her neck than it did on Tiffany’s. It is beyond belief that the hospital where she worked has put out the video of an obvious stand-in, which all the fact-checkers have used as evidence that she is alive, and yet YouTube has removed its video links of the photo-shoot. Hmm.

On 10 January 2021 I emailed CHI Memorial Hospital to try and find out what is going on. I have had no response to date. Others have tried without success. It is just as though her life has been blanked out – just like the video they do not want you to see.

On 20 January 2021 someone telephoned CHI Memorial Hospital to try to make contact with Tiffany Dover. She recorded the conversation here. At no time would the receptionist answer a single question about Tiffany’s work-schedule, where she was, when she might next be there or any question about her.

This is strange, because when Tiffany recovered from her fainting episode, after receiving the Pfizer vaccine, the hospital was all too happy to expose her to a video interview to put people’s minds at ease that she was all right. In that interview Dr. Jesse Tucker gave his opinion that the episode was unlikely to have been connected with the vaccine.

Why does he not put people’s minds at ease now?

Suffer little children . . . vaccine madness . . . fact-checking or trolling?

As covered last week, the US has set about vaccinating children with an untested Moderna vaccine, to see what happens to them. This is despite a study published in October last year which shows that vaccinated children are not as healthy and not as free from ailments as those who refused vaccination.

This week the International Center for Autism and Neurodevelopment (ICAN) had a legal victory over the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) when the CDC was forced to remove the heading “Vaccines do not cause autism” from its website. It was something for which ICAN’s lawyers have been fighting over the last three years.

Covid-19 has really brought the fact-checkers out from under their stones especially with regard to vaccinating children. Full Fact is typical. Its mission, like the missions of other so-called fact-checkers, is to present a purportedly true slant on a particular article or media release to make it appear inaccurate.

In the case of the ongoing vaccine madness against children the site in question is SOTT (Sign of the Times). SOTT has a far superior reputation for honest reporting than the corporate-owned BBC, a channel on which Full Fact relies for its integrity – together with Amnesty International. The non-partisan BBC has had plenty to say about why we should all get vaccinated but little if anything of substance to say about the many adverse reactions to vaccinations. These serious medical anomolies, including deaths, might just as well not exist as far as the BBC is concerned.

SOTT’s short article, by Pam Vernon, makes no mention of UK vaccinations and links the original Gates-funded World Health Organisation (WHO) brochure from 2014 concerning the vaccination of African children against malaria. Pam Vernon simply points out that children were being vaccinated without parental consent by simply turning up at school on vaccination day. The WHO promoted this project, which it describes as a study, and which has been going on for more than a decade. This extract is from WHO’s promotional brochure.

3. An implied consent process by which parents are informed of imminent vaccination through social mobilization and communication, sometimes including letters directly addressed to the parents. Subsequently, the physical presence of the child or adolescent, with or without an accompanying parent at the vaccination session, is considered to imply consent. This practice is based on the opt-out principle and parents who do not consent to vaccination are expected implicitly to take steps to ensure that their child or adolescent does not participate in the vaccination session. This may include not letting the child or adolescent attend school on a vaccination day, if vaccine delivery occurs through schools.

In a devious ploy of ascribing guilt for something Pam Vernon of SOTT never said, Full Fact – which remember is independent and impartial – says, or at least its reporter, Grace Rahman, says:

In the UK, sending your child to school doesn’t automatically imply you’ve consented for them to get a vaccine.

But then SOTT never said it did. False accusations of this nature are from the magic tricks’ box of trolls. That did not stop Full Fact from claiming the SOTT article to be false.

What really seems to have got WHO, and its fact-checkers, worried is an article in February’s BMJ (British Medical Journal) which accused that global organisation of being in “serious breach of international ethical standards”. It condemned the WHO study which was exploiting uninformed African parents in order to have children surreptitiously vaccinated with the vaccine Mosquirix, allegedly an anti-malarial vaccine.

The efficacy of Mosquirix against malaria seems yet to be established but what has been established is a tenfold increase in meningitis in those vaccinated together with twice the likelihood of death in girls and an increased risk of cerebral malaria. What is more it is still being regarded by the WHO as a pilot scheme after more than ten years.

The vaccine is currently limited to pilot implementation because of residual safety concerns from previous clinical trials, including: a tenfold rate of meningitis in those who received the vaccine versus those who did not, “increased cerebral malaria cases, and a doubling in the risk of death in girls.”

Beatrice Brown writes:

Despite the inherent social value of this pilot implementation study by the WHO, this social value should not be used to undermine appropriate ethical standards for research, particularly when children are the participants and there have been demonstrated, serious risks in prior clinical trials.

Apparently it was the booster dose and not the first vaccination that led to increased mortality in girls. There is much contention as to whether this is a pilot study or actual research. Bioethicist, Charles Weijer, says “implied consent is no consent at all.” He is not alone in his criticism. Word from within Africa itself, from Dr. Sackey, is quite scathing as to the benefits, if any, of the Mosquirix vaccine.

In a June 2019 article written for Ghana Medical Journal titled ‘Musings on malaria morbidity and mortality after the new Mosquirix vaccine’, Dr Adziri H Sackey criticises the WHO programme and says: “When the existing malaria control measures are implemented more effectively, the vaccine in its current form does not offer any measurable mortality advantages,” adding: “This means that if there were a willingness to implement malaria control measures intensively, there would be no need to expose our children to the unknown effects of a new vaccine.”

As the Full Fact rebuttal stands it amounts to geographical superiority of UK residents over Africans. Indeed Grace Rahman introduced the UK into the debate suggestive of the concept that because this “implied consent” happened in Africa we in the west need not concern ourselves.

Full Fact, which checks Facebook posts, claims to be independent and impartial. Much of its funding comes from Facebook, Google, Nuffield Foundation and other big players in the globalisation of their human vaccine-modifying slave-project. The Nuffield Trust works alongside the BBC in a cabal to privatise the NHS, currently being brought to its knees by this non-existent COVID-19 pandemic.