Two British mercenaries sentenced to death

According to reports on social media two British mercenaries have been sentenced to death together with a Moroccan. While this needs independently verifying it is a strong possibility and a predictable outcome mentioned in a TASS article below. It is unlikely that a DPR court will go easy on captives considering how the people there... Continue Reading →

‘More human shields held in a basement’

It escapes me, the exact source, but I read somewhere that one of the techniques being taught by western advisors to the Ukrainian military was to use human shields because that way the "enemy" would not risk firing at them. Russia, unlike Ukraine, has been meticulous in trying to avoid civilian casualties. The Azot chemical... Continue Reading →

The Ukrainian invasion of Poland

It might come as a surprise to many, including younger Poles, that the freedom from fascist dictatorship was a costly sacrifice their ancestors made. This was at a time when Ukrainians were supporting the German Nazis in ridding the area of anybody but fascists. "The atrocities were carried out indiscriminately and without restraint. The victims,... Continue Reading →

Gifts to die for

Olga Lebedeva, writing for Pravda, picked up on the visit of the new US foreign ambassador, Bridget Brink, who met up with Vladimir Zelensky in Kiev after only one or two days in office. Like a Trojan horse she rolled into the Ukrainian capital bearing news of gifts certain to widen the eyes of the... Continue Reading →

More fake war footage

TASS reports that Ukraine has been making fake videos to show the west how superior UK weapons are. Britain has been advising on how to get it right. As if the Mariupol hospital fake footage was not bad enough. How much more of this nonsense? Kiev makes fake videos about "high effectiveness" of Western weapons... Continue Reading →

Royals and subjects

This is an updated version of a previous piece I wrote some 9 years ago. A royal occasion - 69 years ago 69 years ago today Elizabeth II was crowned Queen of England. There were street parties all over the country, with events, races and fancy dress affairs which kept the mums busy sewing and... Continue Reading →

A Nazi facelift

Cosmetic surgery for an ugly scar A reader recently asked if I could share the work of Aussie blogger Caitlin Johnstone. Having followed her writings from time to time and often been impressed I am happy to oblige. This is a good example of what journalists should be writing about. It is not just the... Continue Reading →

Biolabs – Russia’s justification for invasion

Not in our backyard – US bioweapons labs in Ukraine On 11 March 2022, Lieutenant General, Igor Anatolevich Kirillov. Head of Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection of Russian Troops, gave a brief about US sponsorship and involvement in scientific-research activities in Ukraine. Less that three weeks earlier Russia recognised the independent states of Donetsk and... Continue Reading →

Cleaning up after the Nazi party

While I am working on a piece about western-funded biolabs in Ukraine I hand my blog over to Russian commentator, Vera Zherdeva. In her latest article she makes pertinent observations about there being no mention of foreigners among Azov battalion prisoners and others who surrendered from the network of tunnels under the factory complex. She... Continue Reading →

More Azovstal fighters surrender – video

The Russian Ministry of Defence said today, a further 694 Ukrainian militants blocked at Azovstal surrendered, including 29 wounded. According to the ministry, since May 16, a total of 959 militants have surrendered at Azovstal, including 80 wounded, of whom 51 who needed confined hospital treatment and who were placed in the Novoazovsk hospital... Continue Reading →

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