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New laptops for old – a cautionary tale from the Arabian Nights

Everybody knows the story from 1001 Arabian Nights of the poor Chinese boy Aladdin and his magic lamp. It tells how the boy is trapped in a cave where the lamp is kept. A magician sent Aladdin into the cave because he craved the lamp and its power. But it must come to him second-hand.

Having been trapped for days Aladdin refuses to part with the lamp. When he rubs the lamp a genie appears who can grant him wishes. Later when the magician learns Aladdin has escaped with the lamp he pretends to be a merchant crying in the streets “Old lamps for new. Old lamps for new.”

This morning there has been a call from the BBC, and presumably other MSM channels, for old laptops for deprived children. This is not for the first time. You have got to question anything MSM does and particularly anything warmonger Tony Blair puts his backing behind.

The Tony Blair Foundation is a great money-making racket and nobody knows the total wealth of this evil man because it is tied up in such a convoluted financial manner for tax avoidance and other obfuscations it is impossible to get the details.

Of course, in the twenty-first century there might be deprived children who do not have a laptop or tablet at home. In that case, if you know of of a deprived child, and you have a spare computer, by all means pass it on. But not through these “charities”.

What is the real reason the magnanimous media are calling old computers in for recycling? I believe it is to do with surveillance. With older computers, running older operating systems, there is not as much spyware and monitoring you is not so easy.

Older computers are safer for the end user. They are more reliable and not subject to the interminable Windows updates over which the user has no control.

My guess is when these recycled computers, from which they want donors to remove all data, go to the “needy” they will have any previous operating system removed and Windows 10 installed. Then the end-user is well and truly stuffed. All modern computers have hard-coded chips which make running open-source operating systems vulnerable to infiltration from the spies (mostly government spies). It is all part of the control which gets worse daily.

Keep hold of your laptops, tablets and other computers if they come from the first decade of the 21st century and are in good working order. These are much superior to what is being produced today, with less harmful magnetic fields. And for heaven’s sake don’t upgrade from Windows XP or even Windows 7.

You should not get updates for such operating systems because they are no longer supported. Keep the original operating system disks and any software disks you have purchased.

Better still load Linux Mint or another open source operating system on them. Then they’re stuffed. Not you.

Mainstream media does not make global appeals for nothing. Question everything.

However, if any recipient of the recycled laptops and tablets still has the original operating system installed after distribution from the “charities” please let me know. I very much doubt it.

As with Aladdin’s lamp the old ones are the best. Get rid of an old computer and you are getting rid of a friend who can help protect you, Think carefully before you do.

France manufactured SARS-COV-2 – Time is running out – Wake up!

This video can save your life.

Unfortunately my WordPress plan does not allow me to embed it, so to see it you need to click on the word video in this sentence or the previous one.

For anyone unable to watch it, or those who prefer to have the facts in written form, here is a summary.

The above illustration alone shows the real danger of being vaccinated against SARS-COV-2. It is a man-made virus which played itself out in April 2020. Yet for some reason there is a mad rush to get us all vaccinated with an untested man-made vaccine designed to alter your natural RNA/DNA.

The purpose is control.

5G is the medium for control. So as well as vaccines being rushed out 5G transmitters have been popping up everywhere like mushrooms – especially near to schools in order to control our children and future generations too.

I am including links here which might help people begin to understand what the big plan is, even though sometimes it is like banging my head against a brick wall. Some are in French. They are the work of dedicated scientists which include: Professor Jean-Bernard Fourtillan, Doctor Christian Tal Schaller, Doctor Serge Rader and Frédéric Chaumont.

Vanessa Baraitser – no extradition for Julian

In the extradition proceedings of Julian Assange, Judge Vanessa Baraitser has ruled he will not be extradited to the United States, that is, providing a higher court does not overturn the ruling of the magistrates court. That is good news. Granting him bail, after such a protracted period of imprisonment, would be even better news. It is something his supporters must press for.

This blog prides itself in having shamed Judge Baraitser into pretensions of humanity. It is more than six months since I exposed her as a torturer and it is clearly an epithet too burdensome for her to indefinitely carry on her shoulders. Camera-shy Baraitser also has family with high-ranking positions, and, who knows, perhaps they have pressured her into being slightly more lenient to protect the family image.

However, latter-day remorse does not excuse her from the malicious practices and the rod of iron she wielded in her courts. Despite requests, even from the prosecution team, that Julian be allowed to sit in open court where he could properly hear proceedings and have access to his own team, she made him instead endure the whole goings-on in a sidelined transparent bullet-proof cage where he had to pass notes across the floor to his team. Craig Murray reported on the proceedings. When it was put to her:

“Julian was “a gentle, intellectual man” and not a terrorist. Baraitser replied that releasing Assange from the dock into the body of the court would mean he was released from custody. To achieve that would require an application for bail.”

It was a dead-end for the defence. Baraitser had already refused bail and there was no way she was suddenly going to allow it so he could sit in open court. Her persistent torture of Julian had no bounds.

Hundreds of doctors, wrote twice to the Lancet, pointing out how Julian Assange’s continued mistreatment was destroying him psychologically. The International Bar Association Human Rights Institute (IBAHRI) described his mistreatment as “shocking and excessive”, he had been handcuffed and moved around from 5 separate holding cells, had client communications with his lawyers prohibited and the Council of Europe called his detention one of “the most severe threats to media freedom”. Baraitser ignored these experts.

Julian’s ongoing torture has included, among privations like long hours of solitary confinement and segregation from others, regular body searches. For those unaware of what body searches entail, they are not like quick frisks searching for some hidden weapon in the clothing, something you might see in the movies, but intimate searches in the most private anatomical places. Vanessa Baraitser could have spared him this indignity should she have chosen. Instead she handed that task to a private security firm of dubious reputation, Group 4.

To further stress-out a sick man Baraitser had proceedings removed from Westminster Magistrates Court to the much smaller Woolwich Magistrates Court which is attached to Belmarsh prison – a prison for high-risk and dangerous inmates – in which the “gentle intellectual” was being held. Public scrutiny was at risk and were it not for human rights’ journalists, like Craig Murray, who queued from the early hours to report proceedings the full details of this torture would have gone unreported.

John Pilger was among journalists who also got into Woolwich and he pointed out Baraitser’s indifference to defence arguments while paying close attention to prosecution arguments. Baraitser did everything in her power to destroy Julian Assange’s mental capabilities and the verdict she has issued today is a verdict one suspects she had in the back of her mind from the very beginning.

While Baraitser initially paid no heed to the 200 plus doctors who told her back in February that he was a victim of torture, she seems to have listened to the testimony of Dr. Michael Kopelman as reported by Binoy Kampmark in Global Research. Dr Kopelman said:

His visits to Assange had yielded a man deprived of sleep, suffering “loss of weight, a sense of pre-occupation and helplessness as a result of threats to his life, the concealment of a razor blade as a means to self-harm and obsessive ruminations of ways of killing himself.”  Kopelman was, he stated in submissions to the court, “as certain as a psychiatrist ever can be that, in the event of imminent extradition, Mr Assange would indeed find a way to commit suicide.”

In today’s ruling Vanessa Baraitser did not allow one single point from the opposition, which still must be of concern to the defence, should the prosecution appeal. There are ten days to appeal but it seems unlikely they will – indeed, there has been much more humanity from the prosecution than from Baraitser. That being so I am in agreement with Owen Jones of the Guardian that this is the right result, but unsatisfactory because it does not protect other whistleblowers.

Vanessa Baraitser did everything in her power to derange Julian Assange’s mental faculties, and together with the long-suffering tortures he had previously endured, she eventually had her victory. From the start she had tried to make him out to be mentally unstable, adding her own incessant persecution to the full extent of her powers, so she could make today’s pronouncement, which, though welcome, do nothing to protect journalists in the future. She has served her masters well.

Anya Zenn, we’re tired of your bullshit

Anya Zenn is sole administrator of a Facebook group called “BBC We’re really tired of your bullshit”. As I am tired of BBC bullshit too I, quite recently, joined the group. This weekend the following dialogue took place between Anya, who claims to be a journalist, and myself.

Since the last comment at 15.21 today, and perhaps even before, I have not been able to access “”BBC We’re really tired of your bullshit”. So instead of waiting to see if I might post something which contravenes an agenda with no sensible rationale, she banned me anyway.

Neither can I access Anya’s FB profile. I did however take a look at it yesterday and notice we have mutual friends and share pro-Palestinian and anti-hunting cause philosophies. Where we differ is that I allow debate – even if I don’t agree with it. Anya does not have time to debate with anyone who has an alternative viewpoint to hers.

So much for free speech. As if it is not bad enough, that social media platforms, which like mainstream media platforms (including the BBC, are owned by people with an agenda, are forever banning alternative opinion. Anya might not realise it but she is one of the obstacles preventing getting the truth out. If she, and others like her, do not wake up there will never again be the opportunity to protest against Israeli abuses in Palestine, or foxhunting abuses on your doorstep. She will end up a transhuman whose every movement is dictated by those who have engineered this bullshit.

Anya, I urge you, to watch the above video. It is a financier, Catherine Austin Fitts, who knows what the finance industry is about. It could save your life – and the lives of those you love.

I forgive you for banning me from your group without having any just cause.

An open letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury

I ask forgiveness from above for making this an open letter, but any local parishioner trying to elicit a response from Lambeth Palace, has a tough challenge ahead. I learnt this some seven years ago. It is not impossible but the last time it was only enabled by my buttonholing the Bishop of Ebbsfleet, Jonathan Goodall, after a Patronal Festival, who intervened on my behalf. More importantly, the issue for which I am contacting the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, is on the minds of many other Anglican church worshippers.

Archbishop of Canterbury
Justin Welby

Your Grace,

Everywhere local churches, already struggling for funds, face further jeorpardy from restrictions imposed by government measures regarding a virus, SARS-COV-2. Like so many other churchgoers I no longer attend mass because I refuse to social distance, wear a mask or conform in any way to the Satanic practices imposed on us through an act, Coronavirus Act (2020), which, according to Lord Sumption, was rushed through parliament and allows government to dictate policy without proper parliamentary debate. The Coronavirus Act (2020) is supposed to be an emergency measure yet it looks like becoming enshrined in law for the foreseeable future, unless something is done. It is poisoning society, destroying jobs and dividing people.

Having listened to your sermons, having watched your interview with Alastair Campbell, I am convinced that you are a sincere Christian, as is fitting for the head of the Church of England. I was impressed with your ‘combating loneliness’ sermon at the end of September in Washington National Cathedral to which I listened attentively. It convinced me that writing to you is not a forlorn hope – providing, of course, you get to see the content.

In your ‘combating loneliness’ sermon you said that in these days of pandemic:

Fear is as prevalent as the virus and causes us to turn inwards . . .

Well-observed. Fear is what has been driving the government narrative. COVID-19 deaths peaked in April and, like all viruses, SARS-COV-2 has run its course, making fear even more prevalent now than the virus. The government no longer relies on death figures to propagate fear. Instead it relies on infection rates from a totally unreliable PCR test put out to one favoured company without its need to tender a contract. Similarly one company was hand-picked to monitor complications from the untested vaccines being trialled on an unsuspecting UK populace, recipients of which have not been informed of the guinea-pig nature of this experiment.

Only you can get the churches back. There is no need for any churchgoers to be driven by fear from their places of worship. You have it in your power to override even emergency government measures with a common-sense law which gives you that privilege. It is the Magna Carta confirmation of liberties. As I am sure you know it states:

FIRST, We have granted to God, and by this our present Charter have confirmed, for Us and our Heirs for ever, that the Church of England shall be free, and shall have all her whole Rights and Liberties inviolable. We have granted also, and given to all the Freemen of our Realm, for Us and our Heirs for ever, these Liberties under-written, to have and to hold to them and their Heirs, of Us and our Heirs for ever.

The Church of England is free. Forever free. You can disregard the dictates from the mouths of Satan’s disciples and get the churches back. All you need to do is petition Her Majesty, The Queen, as head of our church.

The only belief that I know Alastair Campbell clings to is a certainty of Iraq having had weapons of mass destruction in 2003. Nevertheless he still had the temerity to ask you if you believed in God. He also asked if you were going to heaven. You never hesitated in answering him on either point. In the church, in our baptismal services, we are asked if we “renounce the Devil and all his works”. The time to do so, I believe, is upon us. This is within your power.

In brotherly love,

John Goss

Unlike George Fox I have had no need to tremble in front of the Lord Protector, Oliver Cromwell, in speaking truth to power. The Archbishop of Canterbury appears a warm and friendly character in whom I have no fears to take my petition. Neither do I fear a virus which has been used to subjugate people en masse. During the plague one out of every three people died. That is a pandemic. What we have now is the propagation of fear in place of a pandemic. I am encouraged that the Archbishop of Canterbury could see this too.

Birmingham STASI break up New Year’s Eve celebrations

Laws for the rich – laws for the poor. The rich make the laws. The poor take the rap.

Last night the Police broke up parties of people in Birmingham for just letting in the New Year in a traditional manner. The Coronavirus Act 2020 was rushed through parliament and since then we have been living under a dictatorship. That dictatorship has been extended to the police – which have become more like the STASI or the soft arm of the GESTAPO.

By comparison Foxhunting might be banned by law – but continues unopposed. When I was helping to sabotage the Warwickshire hunts in the early eighties I saw a huntsman hit a girl student across the face with his riding-crop. I saw the Chief of Police riding with the hunt. Laws for the rich – laws for the poor. The police rarely intervened, and if they did, it was to take the side of the Hunt.

I wrote this poem following the death of animal activist, Jill Phipps.

A cold start to the year

On the very stroke of midnight the old year popped its clogs,
and the new year let itself in as it tore down yule-tide logs
Its wind was white with winter and it whistled with a wheeze,
as it whipped up wispy windwhirls round the bottoms of the trees.
Its wind was white with winter and it wore a winter coat
that matched the wintry weather-wear worn by the winter stoat.
Its wind was white with winter but it carried something black
as it rampaged through the country with death upon its back.

 At four o'clock that morning the vixens heard a sound,
 a cloddy crunch of crystals compacting on the ground.
 It echoed through the tunnel of the foxes' winter earth
 where only seven moons before the mother-fox gave birth.
 The litter's one survivor, a barren vixen-pup,
 lay nestled with her mother, her pointed ears cocked up,
 she heard the shovel overhead come down with such a smack,
 loose soil raised up her hackles like death upon her back. 

 At five past four that morning the vixens both took flight,
 they ran towards the exits and the safety of the night.
 That night there was no safety for the exits were not there,
 just tunnels made of sackcloth and filled with rancid air.
 Perplexed they turned in panic to find the water drain
 till tearing teeth of terriers turned them back again.
 In a fraction of a second they were in the dogman's sack
 and swinging from his shoulders, like death upon his back. 

 At nine o'clock that morning the vixens were hell-bent
 the hungry pack was thrown the sack to give the hounds the scent.
 His royal horn set off the Quorn that frosty new year's day
 and very soon the whole dragoon was on its costly way.
 He whipped the fox-protectors, he whipped his royal roan,
 as he himself had once been whipped way back at Gordonstoun.
 The wind was white with winter but it carried something black
 as it rampaged through the country with death upon its back. 

 At ten o'clock that morning amid discordant sounds
 of thunderclaps, and yaps and snaps from sixty half-starved hounds,
 a horse as white as winter, which whinnied at the dawn
 had more than cold to whinge about that cold and frosty morn.
 It gave a snort of frozen mist, a horse's plaintive grunt,
 pained by the growth upon its back, the master of the hunt,
 who gave the old, white stallion an apocalyptic crack  
 as it rampaged through the country with death upon its back. 

 At half past ten that morning the mother vixen soared
 across the white and windswept fields, across the icy ford,
 with thunderous hooves behind her she thread through thicket thatch
 crossed the ditch where once an itch had caused the bitch to scratch.
 She used the wind to fox the hounds and left behind a trail
 of tiny five-point pentagrams impeding the assail,
 The fields were white with winter but they carried something black,
 sixty blood-crazed foxhounds, a wild and hungry pack. 

 At twelve o'clock, right on the stroke, the mother vixen found
 a former haunt, where nonchalant, she calmly went to ground,
 while somewhere in the distance the foxhounds had their kill,
 they chased the barren vixen to the bottom of a hill.
 fluff-snow, like puffball powder, was spawned into the air,
 black magic turned it crimson as blood shot everywhere.
 From the saddle watched a butcher and he wore a bright red coat
 that matched the scarlet scarf of flesh torn from the foxcub's throat.
 His horse was white with winter, but it carried something black,
 a red-backed shrike, an evil thing, called Death upon its back.

It would seem our police today are happy to abide by emergency laws, introduced under an act which parliament should never have approved, yet allow their cruel rich friends to flout the law whenever it suits them. Happy New Year.

Death of the Old Year

Tennyson’s Death of the Old Year was bubbling over with gaiety and the last verse, reproduced below, is the most foreboding verse of all. The Old Year on its death-bed was personified as having been a great 365/6 days in which to have lived, at least for the narrator. “He was full of joke and jest.” “We did so laugh and cry with you,/ I’ve half a mind to die with you,/ Old year, if you must die.”

His face is growing sharp and thin.
Alack! our friend is gone,
Close up his eyes: tie up his chin:
Step from the corpse, and let him in
That standeth there alone,
And waiteth at the door.
There's a new foot on the floor, my friend,
And a new face at the door, my friend,
A new face at the door.
Alfred Lord Tennyson (1832)

Yet there was something almost sinister in the coming of the New Year. Its approach could be interpreted as being a darkly apprehensive event, as though a price is about to be paid for having had such a great time the year before. “There’s a new foot on the floor, my friend,/ And a new face at the door. . .” The New Year takes on the guise of a total stranger about to step into the shoes of a very recently-departed loved one.

2020 might appear to have been a most miserable year dominated by the grizzly shadow of COVID-19 deaths. How bad were they really?

You may be surprised to learn that according to the ONS (Office of National Statistics) figures for overall deaths are not so disastrously worse than other years. The graph below is the latest issued and obviously does not take us quite to the end of 2020. The peak in April covers the period when people, mostly old people, were being sent from hospital to care homes to spread COVID-19 among other residents, while others were being murdered on (DNS) life-support ventilators.

Despite all the government panic these figures are only slightly worse than they were thirty years ago. Take a look at this graph, also from the Office of National Statistics, covering the years 1990 – 2019.

In 1993 the total number of deaths, male and female combined, was 578,512. In 2019 it was 530,841 In 2011 it had been as low as 484,367. Last year was an anomaly in that male and female deaths were almost the same and there had been a fall to the lowest combined total death count since 2016. The year 2020 already has more deaths registered (to 11 December) than in 1993. But not that much more.

Using the most up-to-date data we have available, the number of deaths up to 11 December 2020 was 579,491, which is 67,864 more than the five-year average. Of the deaths registered by 11 December 2020, 72, 546 mentioned COVID-19 on the death certificate. This is 12.5% of all deaths in England and Wales.

The big culprit in the overall death figure comes from the time when this man-made virus was introduced here towards the end of March. As this blog has persistently maintained the problem is not the virus. The problem is the introduction of control mechanisms which are killing people. What 2021 needs is for people to say no to strictures, no to panic-driven scenarios, no to testing and, should they choose, no to vaccines.

Then perhaps we can say of the New Year:

He froth'd his bumpers to the brim;
 A jollier year we shall not see.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all. Stay positive. 2020 was the bad year. Don’t let them give us another.


Animal Farm come to life

Today I am urging all my readers to consider an article just published by Kit Knightly co-editor of OffGuardian. It is indicative of what is happening in our emerging fascist world. You may have noticed that the slogan during summer was Hands, Face, Space – catchy as the Soviet: Bread, Peace, Land – but now winter is upon us the addition of “open a window” or “door” has become an essential extra.

As there are not enough COVID-19 dead to indicate any pandemic they are trying to kill the elderly by other means. Open a window – freeze to death. Open a door – let in the latest coronavirus with its hallmark “Made in Wuhan”.

When we were children pop-up books were all the rage. You opened the book and cut-out images sprung towards you. Farms and farm animals were a popular theme. It seemed amazing how the pop-up books sprung to life. Farms were more of the Old MacDonald, or Farmer Giles, type than anything as allegorically political as Orwell’s Animal Farm. That would come later in our education.

Everyone knows Animal Farm is ultimately about the failings of the Soviet System, with, if I remember the pigs correctly, Old Major representing Lenin, Napoleon representing Stalin, Snowball representing Trotsky and the ignominious Squealer representing that politician concerned only with feathering his own bed. As a story on its own it works well and could be applied to any country or community waging power-struggles from within. Towards the end of Animal Farm the pigs have established a healthy life for themselves by subjugating the other farm animals – who are too dumb to see what’s going on – and the workhorse, Boxer, who made the revolution possible by his strength, is sent to the knackers’ yard.

Originally the dream society – like Claus Shwab is trying to sell now – was egalitarian. Little by little the pigs start behaving more like the farmer and his family before them. They have their commandments that: all animals are equal; animals can only walk on four legs; animals can’t sit in chairs or sleep in beds. Eventually the commandments get changed but the sheep are too stupid to notice that short phrases like “except pigs” have been added to the “No animal can . . .” commandments and the endearing, prophetic and quotable addition which has imprinted itself in the annals of English Literature: ALL ANIMALS ARE EQUAL – BUT SOME ANIMALS ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS.

Click this link below.

Wake up. This is happening before your eyes.

Don’t let them rain on your Christmas

For us Christmas is usually a quiet family affair anyway. Even if it was not, Matt Hancock, the Scrooge of Christmas present, the Scrooge of Christmas yet to come, would not be allowed to rain his humbug on our parties. Don’t let him rain on yours. Ask yourself how many people you know who are suffering from Covid-19 (not diagnosed by the grossly inaccurate PCR test but actually suffering from a virus in this fraudulent attempt to control everybody and lock us all down).

The police are not going to want to be breaking up parties and ruining people’s festivities as long as there is no brawling or objectionable behaviour. So ignore the Downing Street buffoons. That’s my advice. Max wants to say the same thing wearing his reindeer headgear among the plants.

‘Tis the season to be jolly

In the part of South Birmingham where I now live people have been busy making merry their houses and streets, showing the nasty people in government a middle-finger for their nonsense impositions. I’ve been out taking a few photographs so you can share in the ingenuity of the displays. It reminded me of illumination displays we used to pay to see.

A few familiar characters

Blackpool today is a ghost-town and the famous Golden Mile devoid of shoppers even in the middle of the day. In the seasons when Blackpool illuminations were something to be seen, late autumn and early winter, I don’t recall seeing displays more enchanting than these.

Igloos, and snowmen – the only thing missing is snow

As young boys we used to go to Bolsover illuminations in Nottinghamshire. I guess there are still a few who remember the displays in the grounds of Bolsover’s Sherwood Lodge. Dougie Yeomans, who lived in a prefab at the bottom of Sandy Mount drove a coach of miners’ families from Harworth and Bircotes to see illuminated cardboard cut-outs of cows and stags, huts and windmills, fairies and other primitive graphic images among the trees of the lodge. Coming back (possibly 1953/4} Dougie Yeomans killed a rabbit caught in the headlights of the bus. Apart from that for us children the day out was magical.

Yet today there are even brighter displays in the streets, and they are free.

House, garage and path glowing with Christmas

Christmas every year can be a pleasure for all. And children love it – as we loved it when we were young. The illuminations might be more impressive today. They might even be as impressive as the Northern Lights. Yet there is a message of old which talks about the light of the world being born in Bethlehem in Judea during the reign of Herod the king. It talks too of wise kings following a star to the place where Jesus was born. As we celebrate Christmas with all its trimmings and rich food we here, and Christians the world over, will be remembering the holy birth and the message of peace to all. Have a lovely Christmas. God bless!

The crib – centrepiece of our Christmas

Getting better – not if Boris has his way

“And how are you today? Are you feeling all right?”

“Couldn’t feel better, Doc. Thanks.”

“Good. Good. But you do realise it hasn’t gone away.”

“No, I feel great.”

“Unfortunately this is one of those illnesses you can never get out of your system.”

“Look, Doctor, I feel better than I did. Even before I got it.”

“That, though, is the nature of COVID-19. It lies in wait.”

“How do you mean ‘lies in wait’?”

“What I mean is the virus lies dormant waiting to strike.”

“Waiting to strike?”

“Yes. One day it will kill you.”

“Oh, my God. How long have I got?”

“That’s something the medical world cannot predict. It could be days.”


“Yes, some people die within days of contracting it. Others take weeks, months or even years, we suspect. That’s not been established yet. But we do know you are going to die from it. Of that we are sure.”

“Die from it?”

“Yes. . . You look a little pale. Are you all right?”

“I’m concerned about how long I have left.”

“Don’t worry about it. Worrying won’t help. There are vaccines now to stop you getting it.”

“But, I’ve already got it.”

“Anyway, try not to worry. It could be years before you die. . . Next please.”


England – no recovery

A deserted Golden Mile at Blackpool

In mid-July this year the Spectator republished an article by Professors Yoon K Loke and Carl Heneghan entitled Why no one can ever recover from Covid-19 in England. It begins by contrasting the “relentless daily toll of more than a hundred Covid-associated deaths” and contrasts it with Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland “where there are days with no Covid-associated deaths whatsoever.”

Johns Hopkins University figures up to yesterday (17/12/2020) show that in the UK there have been 66,150 deaths from 1,954,311 positive tests (3.38%) while in Ireland there have been 2,143 deaths from 77,678 positive tests (2.75%). No great anomaly there. The anomaly comes with the recovered figure.

In Ireland 23,364 (30%) have recovered while in the UK only 4,133 (0.2%) have recovered. Bearing in mind that nobody recovers in England all those recoveries must be from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Having established that there are countries (the vast majority of them in fact) where you can recover let’s take a look at a handful.

Today, Vladimir Lukashenko lights a candle in the temple of St Elizabeth convent in MInsk

If you recall Belarus did not lock down, did not enforce mask-wearing, social distancing or curfews. From 970,758 positive tests there were 16,848 deaths (1.73%) and 582,457 recoveries (60%).

Count the face masks! (Above pictures courtesy of Севодня – Today in English)

Herd immunity seems to be working well in Belarus, as it always has with viruses everywhere, but the UK government does not want people to recover and live normal lives. Living normal lives does not support the agenda of control which empowers the likes of Matt Hancock and Boris Johnson.


Image may contain: 1 person, standing and outdoor
Early December. Some with masks, some without. No one social-distancing. Courtesy: Bolsa De Noticias Grupoese

Nicaragua is another country that did not lock down. Its record is better than that of Belarus. Out of 5,938 who have tested positive for COVID-19 there have been 163 deaths (2.74%). Recoveries have been an impressive 4,225 (71%).


School vaudeville 4 December 2020. (Courtesy: Sankei Shimbun)

You might be forgiven for thinking that Japan is out on its own in controlling the “killer” virus. Like the UK it is an island and like the UK has pockets of densely populated areas. The only difference is its alternative policy on lockdowns, social distancing and other evils we in the west have to endure.

From 193,744 positive tested subjects only 2,708 have died (1.4%) and even more impressive is the recovery (which we in England do not have). 160,630 of those providing positive tests have recovered. That’s a stunning 83%. Suzuki Kasuto gives some thoughts here on why Japan has fared so well without lockdowns. But even Japan cannot compare with China’s recoveries even though it’s death-rate is not as bad as China’s.


The Daily Mail has many photos showing how Wuhan has got back to normal.

China, where allegedly the virus was manufactured with the help of USA experts, has the most impressive record of all. From 94,804 who tested positive, 4,762 have died (5%). A massive 88,524 have recovered (94%).

This indicates that the virus SARS-CoV-2 in China has become the ghost of Christmas past.

Back in England – where nobody recovers

In recent months daily cases of COVID-19 have gone up alarmingly – proportional to the number of tests being recorded. In the most serious stage, between March and April, hardly any tests were done. As soon as the virus had run its course our government started using the totally unreliable RT-PCR test. Figures then started to soar. Yesterday in the Austrian parliament, Michael Schnedlitz MP, performed a PCR test on a sample of Coca Cola “so you can see how worthless and misguided these mass tests are” he said. Some of us have been saying the very same thing for months.

Well done those of you who spotted that the featured image at the top of the post indeed came from the inside of a tomato and has nothing to do with COVID-19 other than the fact that it would in all probability test positive for the virus. There’s not much chance of you falling for the nonsense.