Children are at risk

The following leaflets are free. In particular we want to target parents. Parents are recklessly getting their children “vaccinated” with lethal concoctions that are causing heart problems and many other problems. So this is our priority to save the children.

Feel free to use this leaflet which has the approval of Doctors for Covid Ethics.

Vaccine casualty figures as of July 2021

Leaflets, like posters, can be static or living. The leaflet above is living because it is updated as new casualty and death figures become available.

Static Leaflets

Static leaflets do not change. They are there for eternity. You might like to remind people of what actually happened during the fake pandemic. You can do it effectively with a leaflet that compares one moment in these Dystopian days with another.

We are Human, We are Free

This web site has links with protest leaflets giving a strong message of peaceful non-compliance with guidelines as to how the Covid-19 restrictions might be allayed (in .pdf format).

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