What have our spooks done to Yulia?

If there is an innocent party in the Salisbury poisonings it has to be Yulia Skripal. If she is still alive how frightened she must be to have been taken away from normal society, from everyday interactions, from contact with the outside world. Her life has been sad. In Moscow she was in a relationship,... Continue Reading →

Did Bellingcat get something wrong?

After writing my last blogpost about the latest Bellingcat "revelations" I decided to go looking for their man wanted for poisoning the Skripals. If what I found is correct and it is the same man, he is still living under his real name (not Fedotov) and is now the Vice Consul of the recently-opened Russian... Continue Reading →

Told you – Bellingcat takes the dosh

In my last blog exposing the fact that the Skripals were not poisoned by Novichok or any other military-grade organophosphate I mentioned that there was allegedly a third suspect in this non-event invented by our spooks. To me it came as no surprise to learn the suspect was Russian. I wrote: "You watch, very soon... Continue Reading →

More disinformation

Media lies regarding the Skripals continue like a torrent. Now there is a third man allegedly responsible for the so-called attempted murder of the Skripals conjured up by disinformation specialists. Sergey Fedotov, is the supposed alias of a Russian agent in this latest manifestation in a saga which has seen the Skripal house taken apart... Continue Reading →

Pablo Miller – spyline

1982       According to his LinkedIn account (no longer available) Pablo Miller graduated from Oxford University in 1982 with a degree in Modern Languages and History. Following graduation he attended the British Army officer training academy at Sandhurst. His commission in the Royal Tank Regiment took him to Germany, Cyprus, Northern Ireland and Brunei. 1984       Lt.... Continue Reading →

A beautiful children’s film from Russia

At a time when the western world is blaming Russia for all its ills I urge other Christians to join me in trying to build bridges. This film, as well as having a message about the oppression of Christians and the Church during Stalin's leadership years, deftly captures the interactions and peer-group mentality of children... Continue Reading →

Skripals – the big UK blunder

Call it a farce! Call it a pantomime! Whatever you call it the alleged poisoning of Yulia Skripal and her father, Sergei, was no farce or pantomime for them. But they are not the only victims of this home-grown false-flag event which was not properly thought through. You and I and all UK nationals are... Continue Reading →

Russia says it has arrested a spy

On 28 December Paul Whelan was arrested in the Metropol Hotel in Moscow shortly after somebody allegedly handed him a memory stick allegedly containing a list of names of Russian Officers.  A week later and it is news in the west. Is Paul Whelan working for US intelligence? I think not. But I am waiting... Continue Reading →

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