A matter of urgency

"The evidence is now overwhelming", says retired pathologist, Dr Roger Hodkinson, in an interview with journalist, Anna Brees. Dr Hodkinson believes that if politicians move away from the misinformation to which they have been subscribing over the last twelve months they could still get re-elected. What has been happening is nothing short of criminal. If... Continue Reading →

The autumn fall (of masks)

On Sunday, instead of going to church, I spent half an hour cycling round the locality, looking for discarded face-masks. Five were found. My church, All Saints, if I ever go again, is in Small Heath, Central Birmingham. Small Heath is the litter capital of Europe, perhaps even the world. This article, about waste-warriors in... Continue Reading →

My favourite hymn – How Great Thou Art

There are so many renditions of this great hymn I am spoilt for choice. In the end I arbitrarily chose the Reynoldsburg United Methodist church version, made special by vocalists Jennifer Franko and Kenny Phillips, who harmonise beautifully. Unlike more popular versions it is not recorded in a studio but during Sunday worship. And as... Continue Reading →

Christians Awake – it’s time for the truth

On Easter Sunday this year in Sri Lanka three Christian churches together with three hotels in Colombo were targeted by ISIS in suicide attacks which claimed the lives of more than 250 people and injured some 500 others including worshippers and foreigners. The attack was premeditated. What is more the Saudi Arabian foreign office knew... Continue Reading →

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