Support Dr Bhakdi against the smear campaign

Everyone should be very worried about the villifying of good people who have questioned the recent attempts to take away free speech. Academics, medical practitioners and all proponents of integrity and honesty have, since the fantasy pandemic removed even more of our rights than the so-called "War on Terror", have unjustly been ostracised for, as... Continue Reading →

Good news at Christmas

More than 2,000 years ago a child was born in Bethlehem who would change the world. There is probably not a country on earth whose people have never heard the name of Jesus, and at least a few details about his life. He came with a message of peace, truth and hope for the Jewish... Continue Reading →

A matter of urgency

"The evidence is now overwhelming", says retired pathologist, Dr Roger Hodkinson, in an interview with journalist, Anna Brees. Dr Hodkinson believes that if politicians move away from the misinformation to which they have been subscribing over the last twelve months they could still get re-elected. What has been happening is nothing short of criminal. If... Continue Reading →

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