Support Dr Bhakdi against the smear campaign

Everyone should be very worried about the villifying of good people who have questioned the recent attempts to take away free speech. Academics, medical practitioners and all proponents of integrity and honesty have, since the fantasy pandemic removed even more of our rights than the so-called “War on Terror”, have unjustly been ostracised for, as George Fox once said: “speaking truth to power.”

But it is worse than just being ostracised. Many have lost their jobs, and consequently their incomes. Others have been belittled, disenfranchised, ridiculed and abused without rationale or justification.

Last Thursday I had the privilege of listening to Professor Norman Fenton (emeritus), himself the victim of this new directive, and Israeli academic, Josh Guetzkow, both of whom highlighted the manner in which an individual questioning dogma dumped on us by Big Pharma and the WEF minions, was hunted down with “Tallyhos” and “View Halloos” from a bloodthirsty pack, the mentality of which is verging on insanity and very well fits Oscar Wilde’s quip “the unspeakable in full pursuit of the uneatable”.

Taking the King’s shilling (possibly the origin of the more modern word “shill”) former colleagues, even those with whom collaborative papers have been written, think nothing of slating their fellow academics in order to stay on the right side of funding bodies like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In doing this they lose all credibility and integrity. A cornerstone of academic establishments and all knowledge bases used to be the right to question orthodoxy together with an acknowledgement that other points-of-view exist even when they do not coincide with one’s own. Sadly, in the post-Covid era that right no longer exists.

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, so well-respected if his work was not cited regarding virology, the student had not done the reading, has suddenly become persona non grata in mainstream circles. Why? Because Dr Bhakdi could see from the start that the response to Covid-19 did not follow true medical practice. But even if Dr.. Bhakdi was wrong he should still have the right to express his expert opinion.

Perhaps it’s me but I think back to other leaders in their respective fields, like poets Nikolai Gumilyov, Sergei Yesenin, Oisip Mandlestam and Marina Tsvetayava, in Soviet Russia and how their rights to freely express themselves were removed in various ways – firing-squad, suicided, exiled to one of Stalin’s camps and psychologically broken before committing suicide. It is worrying. We should all be worried.

I therefore urge everyone with a heart and a brain to support Dr Sucharit Bhakdi who is now facing apparent trumped-up charges to discredit him and further promote the creeping totalitarianism that by the time some wake up to what is happening the slave society will be in place.

Please show your support for this good man.

Featured image courtesy of Josh Guetzkow.

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