Dr John Campbell – a retraction from me

I have only written one blog post concerning Dr John Campbell, and it was not very complimentary. This was at the end of the Covid-19 year (2020) and a lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then. At that time he was following the government guidelines and advocating them to his followers.

It has been very encouraging to me to see a big change in Dr. Campbell’s approach to vaccines and for a long time he has been critically questioning the rationale of healthcare advisors. I did mean to put the record straight because Dr. Campbell has been issuing sound advice for the last two years. The latest I have seen is on the increase in natal deaths, all cause mortality and the mortality coincidence of injections against the Covid virus. The figures are alarming.

Thanks to a reader I have taken the time to put the record straight, something I should have done much earlier. So apologies to Dr. Campbell for having taken so long.

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