How many Tiffany Dovers?

Up to now there have been at least two imposters pretending to be Tiffany Pontes Dover. This blog covered the first deception, perpetrated by CHI Memorial Hospital when Tiffany vanished in December 2020, one of the first of Pfizer’s victims. It is strongly suspected that the nurse who stood in for Tiffany was Amber Honea – a fellow nurse and colleague of Tiffany’s.

That video was quickly taken down. I found a copy but that has now been removed. It makes you want to ask why anyone would make the effort to show the nurse is still alive and then make the video inaccessible.

This very strange story keeps taking peculiar turns. Nobody in their right mind can believe the latest manifestation has any credibility – except for the extremely gullible. NBC News should be ashamed trying to pull off a stunt like this.

The latest charade

In the latest game being played by the deep state it would seem that someone has been briefed to impersonate Tiffany Pontes Dover.

It is hard to tell whether this is an actress, or somebody programmed in one of the US government’s mind-control schemes. The latter seems more likely though there is a very slim possibility she is a woman with problems who has chosen to steal someone else’s identity. It is expected that NBC would have checked out such a possibility.

I have watched footage of Tiffany Dover, the real one, and this woman is not her. They do not look alike or talk alike. But there are other, more crucial pieces of evidence.

NBC interviewed this new entry into the charade but not one of the other MSM outlets to my knowledge bought into the scam. Stories are usually pumped out by an agency, like Reuters. For example, when Julian Assange was falsely accused of rape, it went global in hours. So why not in this important case?

It is suspected that the intention was to do countless interviews with this woman until everybody forgot what the really Tiffany Dover looked like, or how she spoke.

In at least two interviews with Tiffany Dover before she vanished, here and here, there is occasional hesitancy, and where that occurs she says “Hmm”, which is a commonplace gap filler many of us use while gathering our thoughts. The new imposter does not hesitate and peppers her sentences with “like” – a word Tiffany did not use in such a situation in such a manner.

What is the purpose of this Easter resurrection, as some have called it? It has made Dr. Meryl Nass suspect that the rumour of Tiffany’s death at the time she vanished really does have substance – in which case the hoax has totally backfired on its perpetrators.

What about those who loved her?

How must the real Tiffany Dover’s husband feel? How must her children feel? The heartless people who set this scam up don’t care about real human beings and the affects their manipulations have on her family and friends. Even if Dustin Dover did accept a non-disclosure bribe from Pfizer it is hardly likely to have included a clause that he must also accept a stranger pretending to be his (deceased?) wife.

The above picture shows Tiffany Dover – the real one and to her left, the one suspected of being Amber Honea. The one to the right and below is the new imposter. I tried to get similar pictures with the mouth open and showing the teeth.

Unless we can see the real Tiffany Dover, and hear her speak, there is no way people who are sceptical will be taken in by such an amateurish piece of deception.

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  1. Only one – the real one , but to be honest, are any of us real?

    Sadly. She’s no longer with us. A spokesperson from the afterlife pretending to still be alive
    haha – who am I kidding?
    Personally, I don’t care – just another queen for the 5 minutes of fame (going on much, much longer).

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