Latest UK deaths from Covid “vaccines” plus

The MHRA in the UK states (to 26th October 2022) that 2,330 deaths and 1,533,654 injuries have now been reported by 470,023 people following a Covid-19 injection, an average of 3.3 injuries reported per person. Only 1-10% of deaths and injuries are known to be reported.

·         UKDeaths Reported Following a Covid-19 Injection -26th October 2022. The Deaths of 15 children have now been reported. Over 4,511 reports of death or injury to a child now reported in the UK. (MHRA report page 40-41 and page 21) :

·         UK -2220 Cases of myocarditis, pericarditis and other related terms reported following a Covid-19 Injection to 26 October 2022. 183 cases now reported in children. Link (page 35):

·         USA – 31,961 Deaths Reported Following a Covid-19 Injection -4th November 2022. Only 1-10% Reported. Link:

·         USA – 182,907 Hospitalisations Reported Following a Covid-19 Injection -4th November 2022. Only 1-10% Reported. Link:

·         USA – 167 Reports of the death of a child (6 months -17 years, plus 2 children under 6 months of age) and 543 cases of a child being permanently disabled following a Covid-19 Injection -4th November 2022.Only 1-10% Reported. Link:

·         USA -169 Deaths of Children (0-17 years) link to all individual child records: Link:

Other Points

·         UK Parliament has discussed vaccine injuries (24th October 2022) following a petition reaching over 100k signatures

·         Dr John Campbell (who previously supported  the Covid-19 injections who know appears to be trying to get the word out whilst maintaining his YouTube platform) discusses this parliamentary discussion:

·         MHRA and other health authorities “captured” by money from Big Pharma : 86% of the MHRA’s funding is from the pharmaceutical industry

·         Excess Deaths continue without any investigation by the govt or media :

·         Excess Deaths in Babies:

·         Long Term Sickness increases:

There is much more of this bad news but it is suspected that readers of this blog can get the picture. The MHRA, unsurprisingly when you know who it is funded by, is pushing forward with the agenda.

Vaccines are the best way to protect people from COVID-19 and have already saved tens of thousands of lives. Everyone should continue to get their vaccination when invited to do so unless specifically advised otherwise.

That is from their own report of more deaths than could ever be envisaged in a trial – which is what is going on – and a much greater number of overall annual fatalities in the “vaccine” years of 2021 and 2022.

When will people wake up?

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