By Mark Playne

This example of lateral thinking by WW2 Abraham Wald reminded me of the logical gap we face in the worldwide medical information war of 2022.

Just as in Plato’s cave, the viewers or shadows never understood the idea a 3D object blocking a light source–forming a 2D shadow on a wall–we are living in an age where people are doing the equivalent of thinking footsteps on a wet beach have been caused by the retreating sea.

QUOTE: “During World War II, fighter planes would come back from battle with bullet holes. The Allies found the areas that were most commonly hit by enemy fire. They sought to strengthen the most commonly damaged parts of the planes to reduce the number that was shot down.

A mathematician, Abraham Wald, pointed out that perhaps there was another way to look at the data. Perhaps the reason certain areas of the planes weren’t covered in bullet holes was that planes that were shot in those areas did not return. This insight led to the armour being re-enforced on the parts of the plane where there were no bullet holes.

The story behind the data is arguably more important than the data itself. Or more precisely, the reason behind why we are missing certain pieces of data may be more meaningful than the data we have. Don’t only listen to what is being said. Listen more to what is not being said…”

This classic example of the aeroplane reminds me of the MHRA yellow card report releases.

The yellow card data only includes reports by those who successfully linked their illness, injury or the death of a loved one, to the vaccine.

The recorded ‘adverse reactions’ are officially acknowledged as likely to be under 10% of the real numbers. i.e. the real impact could be 10X higher than published.

In the same way, the WW2 mathematician Abraham Wald realised they needed to think laterally and see the ‘negative’ invisible space of what they could not see, to understand the real vulnerable points of the aircraft–in 2022 we need to take the same approach observing the unseen within vaccine injury.

The burning question, is how many injuries and deaths caused by the C19 vaccines are NOT linked to the jabs and are instead believed to have occurred due to ‘random acts of nature, age or just bad luck?

At the moment the majority are staring at footsteps in the sand, not yet realising that the shape of the indentation has been left by a foot-and not by the sea.

We are witnessing mass murder in plain (out-of) sight and need to encourage those around us to think like Abraham Wald.

Then, with luck, the greatest genocide the world has seen–so great it must be called Humanicide–can be stopped.

See the latest official UK data on vaccine injury here:

This article first appeared at Not on the Beeb.



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