Canada geese also flock together

Time and again I have heard international expert virologist, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, say that the more jabs people take the more it weakens their God-given immune systems. Even when the evidence of this wisdom solidifies into statistical graphics it seems all people, including doctors, choose to ignore it.

Let’s take Canada for example. It has started a fourth jab. Coincidentally following the launch of the fourth injection 6 doctors died within a fortnight.

This graphic is from the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control. It gives, among other details, deaths from Covid-19 in the period 13 March to 9 April.

Although this is an official source let’s take it on face value, and not introduce factors such as the accuracy of the PCR and Lateral Flow Tests in diagnosis of Covid-19. From my own stance I tend to ignore the Covid-19 cases (2nd ring) because it is meaningless unless there have been medical events attached to the number and those not having had a jab are unlikely to test for any pathogen anyway, unless forced by an employer or government, for example. However, one thing to note is that triple “vaccinated” constitute 61% of total Covid-19 detections – a very large majority.

Ignore that because the important statistics are deaths, hospitalizations and critical care. In each of these categories it is noted that 78% of hospitalizations and deaths come from the “vaccinated”, while those in critical care (most likely to provide the bulk of the following month’s deaths) constitute 73%.

Statistics can be interpreted in different ways. There is not enough cumulative information in the above graphic alone to make a detailed study. One thing is clear – the more “vaccinations”, the greater the probability of death.

Canadian doctor deaths – and the cover-up

You can read about the doctors’ deaths in this report by Health Impact News so I will not repeat individual cases. In brief, as far as is known, these doctors had no known health problems before Covid-19 “vaccinations” began. Three of the doctors were from the same hospital – Trillium Health Partners-Mississauga Hospital in Toronto. According to a nurse, who blew the whistle, they had just taken their fourth injection.

Unexpected deaths do occur but this is disturbing.

Even more disturbing is the way the hospital – leaving out internal memos – tried to prevent the truth of the deaths from emerging. After learning of the deaths the Canadian Independent phoned Trillium Health Partners-Mississauga Hospital and in the case of Dr. Lorne Segall got this recorded message.

“Thank you for calling Dr. Segall’s office. Please note that Dr. Segall is away on medical leave until September 2022 and the office will be closed. If you have [indecipherable] scheduled for July or August [indecipherable] your registration, please follow up with your [indecipherable] doctor’s office. If you are an existing patient I will follow up with you in September. I will be able to update patients waiting for surgery in the following [indecipherable] . . .”

Internal memo regarding Dr. Segall’s death

Hospital spokesperson Amit Shilton states: ““The rumour circulating on social media is simply not true. Their passings were not related to the COVID-19 vaccine” and Dr. Segall’s obituary reads that he passed away following a “ridiculously unfair and hard fought year-long battle with advanced lung cancer”. However, it does not say that these doctors were not “vaccinated” with a fourth booster and it has long been suspected that the so-called “vaccines”, if not responsible for causing cancer, have been linked to reactivating and aiding cancer spread.

Dario Trapani and Guiseppe Curigliano writing in The Lancet were concerned that cancer patients had been excluded from clinical trials before the “vaccines” were inflicted on an unsuspecting world. Swiss Policy Research believes, at least in some cases, that “covid vaccines can induce a temporary immune suppression or immune dysregulation (lymphocytopenia) that may last about a week or possibly longer.”

Amit Shilton is therefore wrong to try to convince people that there are no “vaccine” links to the doctors’ deaths.

A second office, that of Dr McKenzie, left a recorded message that he was seriously ill. It is not possible to get more seriously ill than dead.

People are like geese

All these deaths are tragic, from whatever cause, and those grieving can find no solace in arguing whether the jabs were a contributory factor.

Near where I live there is a lake, Trittiford mill pond. On a daily basis a very large flock of Canada geese walk slowly across a busy road to the lake, having fed on the grass verges of a dual carriageway. Mostly drivers are patient but occasionally I have come across the corpse of a goose. They seem to know that crossing the road is dangerous, but do it anyway, one after another – peer-group mentality. They also follow one another in flight.

I suspect it is the same with people taking vaccinations. Even now there is clear evidence that the “vaccinated” are more likely to die from Covid-19 than those refusing to follow by example, they still go back for more. And the good doctors in Canada, like Charles Hoffe, who raise awareness of damage and potential damage from experimental injections, lose a source of income. Similarly, former associate professor, Dr. Michael Palmer, a medical doctor with some 80 papers to his name, has been sacked from the University of Waterloo for refusing to take the mandated death-shots.

Now all the evidence is emerging that these good doctors are right. And even if they were wrong, there was a time, not very long ago, when places of academic teaching and learning were open to alternative viewpoints. Today, sadly, those funding these establishments can enforce a single viewpoint – a viewpoint that is already proven to be wrong; and debate – like the Trillium Health Partnership doctors – is dead.

Getting more evidence is difficult because those who own mainstream and social media outlets have an agenda to prevent this. However, if you think the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control data might be an anomaly, think again.

Below are figures released by the New Zealand Ministry of Health for about the same period to that of the DC deaths. They show a similar percentage of Covid-19 deaths (81%) among “vaccinated” as opposed to non-vaccinated. And remember, health facilities get more money when they relate deaths to Covid-19, so there is an inducement for those writing the death certificates to take liberties with the truth.

Who can read this without concluding that Sucharit Bhakdi, also penalised for his moral and ethical stance, is right? You need to take care of your God-given immune system, because these “vaccines”, which are not vaccines at all, have now been shown to compromise it.

Featured image shows Canada Geese flying over Trittiford mill pond

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  1. I’m a New Zealander and our Ministry of Health data clearly show a relationship between number of injections and death rate, mainly in the 70+ age group.


    1. The vaccinations are the pandemic Darren.

      I really loved cycling through your country, seeing the changes in flora and fauna from north (sub-tropical) to south (bloody cold).


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