The world’s physicians: “lulled and gulled by the great deceivers”

Dr Bhakdi cautions further involvement in this human experiment after pointing out that the gene-based injectables [inaccurately called vaccines] which have been prescribed without question for a pandemic that never was, are now being introduced into other vaccines, for example, flu or measles, and the floodgates to medical perdition have been opened.

Sucharit Bhakdi, as well as being among the brightest luminaries in the field of virology, is a modern-day philosopher and profound thinker. In opening the June symposium of Doctors for Covid Ethics he had a cogent message for his fellow medical professionals.

Physicians around the globe, you may be pardoned once for having been lulled and gulled by the great deceivers who are steering this unusual operation – but now you are on the brink of a precedent. If you allow yourselves to be instrumentalised again, you will be guilty of mass murder. . . stop injecting these ungodly agents. . . return before it is too late to the ethics of your once so noble profession.

Dr Bhakdi’s full introduction can be seen in this Rumble link.

The symposium was again presented by Doctors for Covid Ethics and hosted by UK Column.

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