Gifts to die for

Olga Lebedeva, writing for Pravda, picked up on the visit of the new US foreign ambassador, Bridget Brink, who met up with Vladimir Zelensky in Kiev after only one or two days in office. Like a Trojan horse she rolled into the Ukrainian capital bearing news of gifts certain to widen the eyes of the Ukrainian president and put a smug smile on his Thespian face.

Against the former policy of the USA she gave Zelensky the option to choose the range of weapons the US would supply under a $700 million deal.

This did not go down too well in Moscow. President Putin, interviewed by Pavel Zarubin on Rossiya 1 TV channel said that Russia would draw conclusions and use its means of destruction on those objects that are not being hit yet should Kiev agree to the delivery of long-range missiles.

It was further reported that the United States will supply HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) to Ukraine as part of the new, eleventh, package of military assistance to Kiev.

A man of his word

Putin is not to be messed with. Despite indoctrination from western media the Ukrainian armed forces did not drive Russian troops away from Kiev. Their purpose was not to attack Kiev but prevent Ukrainian troop and weapons movements towards the conflict zone in the East. Once that task was fulfilled the Russian convoy left the area.

This is why Putin has referred to the conflict as a military operation to liberate the people of Donetsk and Lugansk regions rather than calling it a declaration of war. Kiev was never under threat. It might be under threat if Zelensky goes for the long-range gifts.

Explosions rocked areas of Kiev today. The mayor, Vitali Klitschko, announced that districts of Dnieper and Darnitsky were where the explosions occurred. According to social media reports railway infrastructures were the target. Though this may not be totally reliable since the attacks are relatively recent news it looks like Putin is sending a message loud and clear following Bridget Brink’s diplomatic meeting with Zelensky.

“Be careful what you wish for.”

5 thoughts on “Gifts to die for

  1. We are destroying our national credibility before the entire world. Our “second stringer” diplomats will will create a default war with Russia!


  2. Seems USA politicians want serious war with Russia. Me thinks Putin is NOT supporting global reset therefore USA globalist politicians must take Putin out to proceed with Agenda 30 global reset!


    1. I hope you are right about Putin. Russian intelligence is very good and I doubt anyone will take Putin out. It remains to be seen whether he goes along with the next pandemic and the replacement of cash with a global digital currency.


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