Biolabs – Russia’s justification for invasion

Not in our backyard – US bioweapons labs in Ukraine

On 11 March 2022, Lieutenant General, Igor Anatolevich Kirillov. Head of Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection of Russian Troops, gave a brief about US sponsorship and involvement in scientific-research activities in Ukraine.

Less that three weeks earlier Russia recognised the independent states of Donetsk and Lugansk in the Donbas region directly after which the Russian military entered Ukraine to help protect citizens and and unite with Donbas armed forces in the war waged against them by Kiev in 2014.

One purpose of the briefing was to send a message to the west on the strength of Russian intelligence, and to demonstrate that actions taken by Vladimir Putin were not without foundation. The creeping expansion of western hegemony was getting too close for comfort to the Russian border.

Shortly after the start of the invasion documents were discovered which confirmed the validity of Russia’s statement that Ukraine, with the aid of the west, particularly the US, was on the verge of ramping up its intent to subjugate the people of the Donbas region – denied by President Zelensky. That many NATO countries had sent military advisors and officers to train Ukrainian forces is an indication that Russian intelligence was once again spot on. For what other purpose might these military personnel be there?

Thrown up on a large screen behind the Lieutenant General was a series of slides which outlined the Russian case against Ukraine and its US manipulators. The content has subsequently been endorsed by other high-ranking officials of the Russian government, including Maria Zhakarova, spokesperson for the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, and Irina Yarovaya, Co-Chair of the Parliamentary Commission on Investigation of US Biological Laboratories in Ukraine .

Western journalists and commentators have also picked up on this breach in international law including the redoubtable Bulgarian investigative journalist, Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, an expert in the field of laboratories which work secretly on the development of chemical and biological weapons. As well as pointing out the concerns of high-ranking US politicians, for example Victoria Newland, fearful that US research experiments in Ukraine might fall into the hands of Russia, she provides documents which show just how heavily involved and committed the US government is both politically and financially. She writes:

“A letter dated July 2, 2019, from the Ukrainian Minister of Health Ulana Suprun to DTRA in Ukraine gives Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp. full access to all biolaboratories in Ukraine involved in the U.S. military biological research program. Ulana Suprun is an American national and was conferred Ukrainian citizenship by former president Petro Poroshenko in 2015.”

Letter courtesy of Dilyana blog

On her own blog she goes into great detail about US biological laboratories around the world, Africa, Afghanistan, Georgia and Ukraine among others, producing biological weapons, weaponised insects and experimenting with a large number of potentially lethal viruses. Samples are being worked on outside of the US primarily by private companies like Batelle (mostly airborne pathogens) the Lugar centre in Georgia (weaponised insects) CH2M Hill and Metabiota, together with the Pentagon, all involved in performing research on behalf of the CIA.

Investigative journalism is as volatile an industry as that of medical practitioners should individuals raise their heads above the parapet and speak the truth in the face of financed dogma. Dilyana Gaytandzhieva recently lost her job on the Bulgarian newspaper Trud Daily following pressure from the security services. Nevertheless her work has been of importance to Russia together with its own investigations into US biological facilities sitting on its doorstep.

On 24 February 2022 employees at 30 US-funded biological research facilities in Ukraine were ordered to destroy documentation regarding the work that went on in them. Victoria Nuland said:

“Ukraine has biological research facilities. We are concerned that Russian troops may try to take control of them, so we are working with the Ukrainians on how to prevent any of these research materials from falling into the hands of Russian forces.”

Though this was an admission that the US and Ukraine were developing deadly pathogens in contravention of international law it did not prevent documents being seized. Kirillov stated that “more than 3,000 samples of biological material of Ukrainians were recently exported to the United States under the pretext of fighting Covid” and for the past 30 years biomaterials of Russians of all ethnicities have gone to the United States. It is suspected that the real purpose is to develop pathogens that specifically target the Russian and Ukrainian people.

Latest revelations – bioweapons and monkeypox

On Friday 27 May Igor Kirillov filled in some of the missing details following analysis of documents which fell into the possession of the Russian military after its invasion. Revelations from this presentation should shock the world. They won’t. Only those awake to the proposed WEF programme of full spectrum dominance and total enslavement through the engineering of human genomes are likely to take any notice. And they are not likely to be shocked by any revelations.

One hopeful message, judging by the nature of the presentation, is that those of us challenging the full spectrum dominance may at last have somewhere to pin our hopes – Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation. It is true that there is a long-held suspicion that President Putin is integrally linked to the WEF – based largely on his assumed friendship with Klaus Schwab. And, of course, Putin went along with the Covid scam. Now the gloves are off, and worryingly for Russia, there are many individuals in positions of power in the RF who have come up through Schwab’s young global leaders’ programme, and who are uniquely positioned to cause problems within a WEF breakaway state.

The rift has been growing. Russia has not been part of the former G8 (now G7) since 2014. Despite trying to work with what Putin called “our western partners” the country he leads has been internationally ostracised at all levels. Sanctions have been imposed on the country. Its athletes have been prohibited from competing at international level under the Russian flag. All kinds of defamatory accusations have been levelled at Russia, including alleged and farcical cases of poisoning, for example the Skripals and Litvinenko, in an attempt to create an international enemy. Well, they have certainly succeeded in creating an enemy.

The cord which may once have united Putin and Schwab has long since been cut. If there is any doubt a casual visit to one of Schwab’s hundreds of young global shapers sites would soon dispel such doubt. Schwab was, and is, fully supporting Ukraine in this conflict, and the WEF, MSM and all complicit countries are fully behind him.

Where Klaus Schwab stands over Ukraine from a young global shapers site

It is hard to say why Putin went along with the Covid nonsense. Perhaps he thought that Sputnik V was less toxic than the Pfizer jab and genuinely wanted to save Russian lives. Perhaps he accepted a bribe. Perhaps he was playing for time. Perhaps he just got bad advice.

On the other hand it is easy to understand why his neighbour in Belarus, Alexandr Lukashenko, refused to go along with it and refused the World Bank bribe. Ukraine borders Belarus as it does Russia and intelligence on the biolabs has long been known.

Since the invasion began Russia has been in no mood to tolerate any threat to its sovereignty. Kirillov’s briefing calls for action. Unfortunately it calls for action from the useless WEF-controlled WHO – an international organisation which is supposed to be concerned with world health – the very least of its functions.

Regarding the latest monkeypox virus threat – which is, no doubt in my mind, very real, and potentially dangerous to us all, especially if it is a US manufactured and patented strain – Kirillov had some advice on this issue. After pointing out that monkeypox according to the WHO originated in Nigeria, Kirillov finishes his briefing by calling on “the World Health Organisation leadership to investigate the US-funded Nigerian laboratories in Abuja, Zaria, Lagos and inform the global community of the results.”

Mostly the presentation concentrates on biolabs in Ukraine. The Lieutenant General talks of “numerous breaches of safety requirements in Ukrainian laboratories”, a “poor quality of work” in the reconstruction of Black and Veatch-funded veterinary laboratories in 2013, together with money-laundering through fictitious companies, unmonitored tests being carried out at unauthorised facilities and “gross violations” of storage safety procedures of the dangerous pathogens held there.

Poland and Germany are allegedly cooperating with Ukraine in work conducted at these laboratories but have failed to declare their involvement. Ukraine itself has stated that it “has not conducted and is not conducting any offensive or defensive activities in the framework of biological research and development programmes” – evidently a blatant lie. Russia has in its possession a US memo mapping “highly dangerous” pathogens in Ukraine. A joint project, called UP-1, has been investigating the spread of pathogens though bird-migration. Other projects are numbered Up-2, Up-3 and so on.

Among pathogens being investigated are “Congo-Crimean fever, leptospirosis, tick-borne encephalitis and African swine fever.” Stored in Odessa are strains of anthrax, tularemia, and brucellosis. Ukraine and the United States of America have a lot of questions to answer.

A full transcript of Kirillov’s presentation can be found here.

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