Evacuating the wounded

Sometimes unofficial reports can bring details onto the table which mainstream miss, or choose to ignore. Sometimes they are way off mark. However they should all be considered. This is Facebook from the normally newsworthy Rosa Primavera.

Pregnant service-women! 2,227 people!

Anyway, Russia’s Pravda says that the nine fighters who surrendered yesterday were an advance party sent to negotiate on behalf of those “2,227” still incarcerated.

As the days and weeks unfold more will emerge. The wounded, whatever their war-crimes, will get the treatment they need. Eventually the truth will come to light, about the Mariupol Theatre and Hospital No. 5 false-flags, about the involvement of NATO forces, biolabs, and the owners of the former Azovstal Steel plant.

There are stories that retired general Eric Olson and British Lieutenant Colonel John Bailey have been captured in Azovstal. Until more is known this cannot be accepted as fact and should be treated with caution.

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