Azovstal, Snake Island – British involvement?

It’s some five weeks since I questioned how many British soldiers were, and are, trapped in the underground network of Azovstal steel production plant. Over the weekend it has emerged that there are at least three. In a Daily Express article, which by all appearances carries the stamp of intelligence services’ approval, bearing the byline of the Diplomatic Editor, Marco Giannangeli, whoever he really is – perhaps the latest manifestation of Pablo Miller, aka Antonio Alvarez de Hidalgo.

The British in Azovstal

To put out an article admitting that there are British military personnel in Azovstal after all this time must have a purpose. The Russians have been saying it for well over a month. So what is it?

Firstly, when the Azovstal catacombs throw up the living and the dead, this will be common knowledge and to know about it beforehand will at least soften the shock. But the main purpose, I suspect, is to let the British public know that these men are not soldiers, but former-soldiers now acting as mercenaries risking their lives to help the Ukrainians.

The story might be true. Who knows? Remember though, when the Canadians realised that Lieutenant General Trevor Cadieu could not be got out of Azovstal, reports swamped the Canadian press claiming he had resigned his position as a very high-ranking serving officer to help out the neo-Nazi Ukrainian battalions. It is the same claim that British soldiers and military advisors are no longer on active duty – even though it is known that British military personnel were sent to help Ukraine nearly twelve months ago.

The Express article says:

“Of those, at least three are former British soldiers with previous combat experience in Afghanistan. Two are former infantry corporals while the third is said to be a former combat medic.”

It also says:

“The former soldiers were among the thousand or so British veterans who volunteered to help Ukrainian forces following the February 24 invasion by Russian forces.”

In this short piece the word “former” is used six times – which even from the spooks reeks of overkill. If you need to bang a message home why use a pistol if you’ve got a machine-gun?

US Lieutenant General, Roger Cloutier, if he has been captured by the Russians, has not been so lucky in that the fact-checkers at the beginning of April said he was serving in Izmir, Turkey, and had not been to Ukraine since July 2021. This gives no opportunity to use the Canadian escape mechanism of resignation or retirement.

The problem of course is that if any of these NATO military personnel are on official duty in Ukraine they have broken international law. For Cloutier, if captured and acting on behalf of the US, his actions would be in contravention of the US Constitution, Article I, Section 10, paragraph 3:

“No State shall, without the Consent of Congress, lay any Duty of Tonnage, keep Troops, or Ships of War in time of Peace, enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State, or with a foreign Power, or engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay.”

That of course is the theory. The US has an abysmal record of complying with international law.

A final indicator from the Express article that there may be more, non-military British in the Azovstal warrens comes from the curious statement:

“Though all women, children and pensioners who had sought desperate refuge in the plant were said to have been evacuated as part of a humanitarian mission coordinated by the United Nations and the Red Cross (ICRC) last week, around a hundred civilians are thought to remain.”

The Express, 15 May 2022

Both Ukraine and Russia had agreed that all civilians were evacuated, and not merely “said to have been evacuated”. Where that information comes from no indication is given, but it has a heady whiff of insider knowledge. Of course, wives of some of the neo-Nazis could be among them. It would be surprising if they were not. The likely groundwork the Express is engaged in is probably a provision to cover the likelihood of biolab chemists and other such “civilians” being inside?

Ukraine and Turkey have been talking with Russia about evacuation of those remaining. Nevertheless, it is suspected that by the time any agreement is reached the siege will be over. Only this morning nine neo-Nazis laid down their arms. With the majority of exits blocked it is likely that those remaining will take a similar action.

Indeed, as I write according to the Russian ministry of defence, as a result of talks, the DNR allied forces have ceased fire and opened a humanitarian corridor to take the wounded to hospital in Novoazovsk, near the eastern Russian border.

Some Azovstal wounded from a twitter post

Snake Island – any British involvement there?

Getting at the truth is not easy but allegedly on the evenings of 7, 8 and morning of 9 May Ukrainian forces tried to retake Snake Island, just off Romania and south of Odessa. The special forces of Ukraine incurred heavy losses including the lives of some 60 combatants some of whose bodies, reports say, are scattered on the beach. From these attempts a number of helicopters, planes and boats were destroyed by Russian forces. The Russian ministry of defence spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov said losses amounted to five dozen Ukrainian fighters and militants from elite Ukrainian army units, the loss of four aircraft, ten helicopters, three boats and 30 drones.

Strategically the island is significant but it is thought that on the earliest attempt to retake the island a British Major and a US Lieutenant Colonel went missing prompting the costly subsequent attempts to rescue them or recover their bodies. A cynical Russian report calls the attempts mindless and further observes that with the hundreds of Ukrainian officers lost or missing no such attempts are made to rescue them – only the foreign gentlemen.

The cover image is of Snake Island

5 thoughts on “Azovstal, Snake Island – British involvement?

  1. I have a serving mate that was in the Ukraine 3 years ago teaching their forces street fighting. The flight home was that long he got s DVT. The NHS screwed up and he nwaro lost a leg. But’s that’s by the by and by. For over 5 years now all intelligence briefings have called the Russian’s the threat to peace. I am remember years ago being in a briefing not classified saying the wall was coming down and get ready to get sand in your boots.
    FFS I wish I had the same Chrystal ball as military intelligence, and thats a misnomer.


    1. Yes, not many people know the war has been going on, not just for 3 years, but for 8 years. Because of our lying media they think the Russians started it in February. Actually the people of Donbas who Poroshenko began the proxy war against have been calling for Putin to intervene and help protect them since the start. Instead Putin negotiated Minsk 1 and Minsk 2 by which the neo-Nazis were never going to abide. Sorry about your mate but the crystal ball of military intelligence leaves much to be desired putting the lives of UK servicemen at risk in a country we have no right to be in.


  2. There seems to be a generally shared assumption that Russia intended a short sharp victorious campaign, and, as that did not happen Russia is in for a “conflict that will never end.” (Said by Scott Ritter – mentioned in Mike Whitney’s latest post)…
    There are said to be huge amounts of weapons pouring into Western Ukraine. This is offered as an indication (by Ritter) of problems for the Russians once the Ukrainian forces employ them… I read of Tanks being supplied, i dont imagine Ukrainians can just jump in them, start them up, head for any frontline – or use any of the ‘advanced equipment’ – without training…
    My suspicion is they are in Ukraine ready for US/NATO trained personnel to use when the US launches its Shock & Awe to ‘dislodge’ the Russians from the Donbas…
    The US has never shown any concern for civilians, so i dont expect it to worry about slaughtering a few Donbas civilians…I dont factor it in as a restraint on US planning…
    The US has put far too much time, money, effort into this campaign to take Russia down for it to lose. It is a last ditch effort to remain The Top Dog. It will throw everything at the Russians…Will even use tactical nukes…
    It cant afford to lose. and Putin et al know it…


    1. Can’t see the US or UK getting officially involved. It is too far from home. They will keep using their WEF assets in Sweden and Finland to try and get others close to Russia to do their dirty work for them. But that is not what the Finns or Swedes (formerly the basket of peace initiatives) want, whatever our media says.


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