Missing persons

More and more people are disappearing without trace. Even some of their previous social networking pages get taken down. Here are some high-profile individuals.

Tiffany Dover

Tiffany Pontes Dover has been missing for some sixteen months – presumed dead.

There have been no positive sightings of her anywhere. Tiffany was the nurse who passed out on camera during a publicity stunt to promote Pfizer’s toxic jabs. Whatever happened to her nobody in the know is telling. Right at the start her husband, Dustin Dover, changed his Facebook status to single. At the same time death notices began to appear – which were quickly taken down. People were concerned for her welfare. To allay public concern the hospital where Tiffany worked, CHI Memorial, Chattanooga, Tennessee, shortly afterwards produced a video of staff at the hospital, all appropriately masked, with someone else pretending to be Tiffany, and wearing Tiffany’s necklace and identity badge.

The nurse thought to have played the role of Tiffany is Amber Honea. What subterfuge was used to induce Amber to take part in the ‘reassurance’ video can only be imagined. After members of the public pointed out the facial differences, even with them all wearing masks, the video was taken down from YouTube.

No doubt Amber’s life was subsequently made a misery because she is no longer with CHI Memorial and she and her husband, a doctor, have sold their former house and moved elsewhere. Amber gained a further qualification and is now working privately in Chattanooga and surrounds. Of Tiffany though, not more has been heard.

Yulia and Sergey Skripal

Remember them? Four years ago this father and daughter were household names for the best part of a year. Why? The western media needed a story to keep up the pretence of a Russian threat. So the secret services invented one for them. They claimed it was a deadly Russian biological weapon which poisoned the Skripals and to drive the message home gave it a Russian name “Novichok”.

From the moment of the alleged poisoning nobody got to hear the Skripals’ accounts of what happened to them. There was a carefully-scripted televised interview of Yulia Skripal, at a time when her father was allegedly very ill, but it had anything but a ring of authenticity about it, being apparently shot at a US air-base in the UK.

The chances are, as with Tiffany Dover, the Skripals are dead. British Intelligence would not want the truth of what happened four years ago to ever come to light. Consequently the story is “buried” and people forget about it. You won’t be hearing from the Skripals again.

Sergey Orlov

Sergey Orlov, one of seven deputy mayors of Mariupol until new deputies are sworn in, was the darling of all western corporate media. Now he appears to have gone missing. I did speculate (14 March) that he had probably left Mariupol as Russian forces had the town surrounded. It seems though, that unlike his mayor, Vadim Boychenko, Orlov stayed.

When the false-flag attack by Ukrainian fascists on Mariupol Hospital No. 5, Orlov was there. He dutifully reported for the BBC and other western media, on the nasty Russian air-strike which caused it.

Sergey Orlov’s smoking-gun photograph of the smoking ruins from the BBC’s first report

The last report from Orlov I can find is from 27 March and has him bragging about controlling “half the city” and how the Russians “cannot win” and how they (presumably Azov) “are making history”. After that I suspect, if he was not killed in a phantom Russian air-strike, he made his way with the rest of the Azov battalion, and perhaps even the film crew that was “mysteriously” there for all the false-flags, into the bowels of the Azovstal factory complex.

Orlov knows the Azovstal factory complex well, having worked there for 12 years before nestling under the wing of oligarch, Inat Akhmetov, at Metinvest Holdings a stepping-stone in his rise to information technology director of Mariupol council.

Orlov informed the world that at least 1,170 people had been killed in Mariupol by 9 March. This was the day after the alleged Russian air-strike on hospital No. 5 which, according to Orlov, 3 people were killed including a girl aged six, and 17 were wounded.

A film crew was there to capture the “evidence”. Allegedly a woman on a stretcher died together with her baby. That was 10 March. No name has been given for this victim so it can only be assumed it is an Orlov, and team, fabrication.

On 7 March Orlov told Matt Frei of Channel 4 News “there is not one building in the Ukrainian city that isn’t damaged, including schools and hospitals, after days of Russian shelling”. Orlov’s next accusation against Russia was the alleged air-strike on the previously undamaged Drama Theatre which he was, it seems, waiting with camera in hand ready to photograph.

Lieutenant General Roger Cloutier

Has Lieutenant General Roger Cloutier been captured by the Russians? There has been a lot of non-official speculation that he is in Russian custody. All the so-called fact-checkers say he is in Turkey but have not provided any up-to-date evidence. So was he illegally in Ukraine?

If so, he could be with Sergey Orlov in the catacombs of the Azovstal factory complex where up to 2,000 Ukrainian nationalists are said to be holed up, together with a civilian human shield of women and children. There are said to be English-speaking people in the building.

Many attempts to rescue people from the Azovstal complex suggests there are people in there that Kiev and the west were determined to rescue by helicopter. It has worked out badly since Ukraine has now lost 106 of its 148-strong fleet of helicopters.

The fact that there have been no positive sightings of Cloutier suggest he is either in the Azovstal buildings or in Russian custody. On the other hand the fact-checkers could be right – even though they have not informed us of the whereabouts of Tiffany Dover, the Skripals or Sergey Orlov.

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  1. You are the first person l have come across to question what happened to the Skripals. If they are dead surely their Russian relatives would know? And why have the Russian F. remained silent? And of course the media.


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