What did Johnson and Zelensky really discuss?

Yesterday Boris Johnson paid Vladimir Zelensky a visit in Kiev. All the reports tell the same story. It is to provide Ukraine with more weapons to prolong the neo-Nazi war on the people of Donbas. Of course, if you believe that you would believe anything MSM blarts out. And, yes, many do.

Lots of other countries are supplying weapons aid to Ukraine. Such generosity, though, does not warrant a personal visit to Kiev from the donor countries’ heads of state. So you can forget that as the real reason for Johnson’s visit.

Two more plausible possibilities spring to mind. First, as mentioned in the last post, there are possibly UK military advisors trapped in the Azovstal steel factory, which, if discovered to be true, would not look good on the records of either the UK or NATO, especially if these advisors or participants are actually serving personnel of our armed forces – as opposed to mercenaries.

It would also contribute to confirming the Russian claim that Ukraine was planning an all-out attack on the Donbas area, as Putin said in his speech outlining Russia’s reasons for intervention. Russian intelligence is usually good.

If we have authorised military advisors and they were operating in Mariupol it would also suggest our armed forces were involved in the theatre bombing – a clear war-crime as the world’s press was unanimous in pointing out when there was a possibility of blaming it on a Russian air-strike.

More worrying for world peace, Johnson could be informing Zelensky that under some pretext he is intending to further increase UK involvement in the eight-year long civil-war. On the face of it this might seem unlikely. Unless he feels there is no option should we have already committed military personnel to the cause and all attempts to rescue them are in vain.

Desperate men take desperate measures.

Vain attempts to rescue the war-criminals

It seems like nearly every attempt to rescue those who have taken their military operations into the Azovstal factory has failed. Helicopters are undertaking enormous risks against Russia’s air-defence systems, especially now that Russia and its allies occupy all but a very small part of Mariupol and surrounding areas.

As well as the testimony of captured helicopter crew of the Ukrainian air-force yesterday there was a further recent attempt which has a touch of melodrama about it.

It was intended to be an evacuation by sea using a cargo ship Apache. The Russian Ministry of Defence issued a statement that on Friday night 8 April the Apache took a course heading straight for Mariupol. Major General Igor Konashenkov of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation said:

“The Ukrainian cargo ship Apache, assigned to the Maltese port of Valletta, was traveling under the Maltese flag in a caravan of ships from the Taganrog Bay to the Kerch Strait. At 22:38 Moscow time, 30 km south-east of Mariupol, the cargo ship abruptly changed course and tried to break into the Mariupol seaport blocked from the sea by the forces of the Black Sea Fleet.”

Apache cargo vessel courtesy http://www.vesselfinder.com photo credit: Cengiz Tokgöz

Warning shots were fired at the vessel but there was no change of course as it headed straight for Mariupol. Then a message was transmitted from the cargo ship:

“I am a Maniac, I’m coming to you.”

At the same time, signal fires were observed on the shore,” the Ministry of Defense clarified.

“Within seven minutes, a ship of the Black Sea Fleet and border patrol ships opened artillery fire on the Apache. As a result, there was a fire, and the ship drifted.

After that, as the Defense Ministry said, the crew contacted the border ships with a request to cease fire and confirmed their readiness to fulfill all the requirements of the Russian sailors.”

It was stated that there were no casualties on the ship. After the inspection, the cargo ship with the crew was escorted to the port of Yeysk.

According to vessel finder the Apache currently sits in the port of Rostov-on-Don.

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