Breaking: four more civilians killed by Ukrainian forces

Between 0700 and 0800 hours, 18 March 2022, Donetsk region

There is clear evidence that since this war started in 2014 Ukrainian forces have been deliberately firing on civilian districts. This is an everyday occurrence. Four civilians have been killed in these attacks this morning.

The village of Panteleimonovka was shelled from the direction of Verkhnetoretskoye with ten missiles fired from a Grad BM-21 system. The village of Kremenets was also shelled.

In Donetsk itself a report from the Ministry of Civlian Defence of the Donetsk People’s Republic (МЧС ДНР) says:

“It is specified that at 07:45 from the settlement of Krasnogorovka in the direction of the Tekstilshchik microdistrict in the Kirovsky district of Donetsk, the AFU fired four 122 mm shells.”

Four civilians dead.

Cover image is from Twitter sourced from report.

Update – fake news from Italy using footage from Donetsk

A colleague of mine in Sweden, Professor Marcello Ferrado de Noli, has posted a video on Twitter about an Italian mainstream newspaper, La Stampa, which on 16 March published a report purportedly showing civilian deaths in Kiev from a Russian strike. It heads its article La Carneficina (the carnage). It is actually taken from another attack on civilians in Donetsk in which 20 people, some queuing for their pensions, were killed by Ukrainian forces.

The lies of mainstream media, this time the Italian newspaper La Stampa

The western media has no shame. Honest journalism is a thing of the past. The true tragedy – though still a tragedy – has been ignored by our useless excuses for News reportage.

A clip from Professor de Noli’s video shows the shameless bombing of civilians.

On this morning’s BBC radio 4 news there was some supposed military strategist of a mouthpiece, I have no interest in who these shills are, who was babbling on about how Russia had made so little progress. Did it ever occur to the bozo that they might be trying to avoid civilian casualties?

Real news

More images are coming in confirming this morning’s attack in Donetsk.

Another photo from this morning’s shelling of Petrovsky Street, Donetsk. Source:

Our media is probably using stock images, or like the Italians, images from the actual war in the east. A medical centre nearby has the notice: “We are open”.

“We are open”. Medical facility a few doors from the bomb which killed four people. Source:

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