After the war the future looks bleak in Donbas

The war in Ukraine, as it has recently been called by our media, may soon be over – within weeks, if not days. Sadly, there is a worse prospect ahead for the residents of the Donetsk People’s Republic (ДНР) – the continuation of the Covid-19 control mechanism.

This word “control” is one of the most foreboding of all words. In yesterday’s blog-post it jumped out and lodged painfully on the back of my retina when writing about the various areas of Mariupol under the “control” of Ukraine, Russian, AZOV and Separatist forces.

All who have gone through the last two years of hell in the UK with the impositions introduced by the illegal “Coronavirus Act 2020” must lack reasoning powers if by now they cannot detect the true force of government control and propaganda. It is mind-blowing that people still wear masks when there is no longer any requirement.

Only yesterday was the mask-wearing requirement lifted in Moscow.

Locking down the DNR

This morning the Ministry for Health in the DNR gave the latest figures. Believe me, you might as well be in Australia.

Those who are currently positive total 164,480

Up to 16 March 267 “cases” were detected of which, and this is slightly different from the west, 38 were diagnosed clinically and epidemiologically (though what tests were used it does not say).

Of 48 pneumonia diagnoses yesterday 27 were hospitalised. (This is in an area with sub-zero temperatures add to the food shortage crisis. For God’s sake they have pneumonia. Leave the Covid-19 nonsense out of it). It brings the total of those hospitalised with pneumonia to 1,163 of which 540 are on oxygen.

  • 21,174 are being treated for Covid-19
  • 133,390 have been discharged
  • 9,916 have died (allegedly from Covid-19)

“Vaccination against COVID-19 is the most effective and safe measure to protect your health and the health of others!

Stay healthy!”

DNR Ministry of Health, 17 March 2022

Oh my God! Will we ever be free from this yerunda!

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