Mariupol – the battle goes on

Reports, unconfirmed by Kiev, are coming in that one of AZOV battalion’s leaders, Nikolai Kravchenko, was killed yesterday. He was known as Krook, “Raven” in Ukrainian, and according to his friend, Andrei Biletsky, his death is in addition to that of his father who was killed last week near Kharkov.

The AZOV battalion has a strong pro-Nazi ideology and horrendous war-crimes are said to have been committed at their hands since the battalion’s formation in 2014.

Meanwhile the battle for Mariupol continues. Residents are said to be held hostage to use as a battle shield by the remaining Ukrainian forces holed up there. This map gives some idea of what parts of the city are controlled by various forces.

  • Mauve coloured areas are under the control of joint forces from Russia, Lugansk and Donetsk National Republics.
  • Blue areas are under the control of Ukrainian forces.
  • Lightning flashes in dark red circles are current hotspots.
  • The diagonally-shaded area is where military activity is taking place

More war-crimes

Every day the civilian areas of Donbas are being bombarded by Ukrainian forces. This has gone on, never reported in western news prime time, for eight years. Those monitoring the situation post daily photographs of the crimes.

The screenshot above is from this video which shows a residential area of Makeevka, near Donetsk, shelled by Ukrainian forces. There are said to be six victims including three children.

The cover image is a photograph of Nikolai Kravchenko, who is said to have been killed yesterday.

Update: Fighting in Donbas – film-sets in Kiev and Przemysl 

While all the fighting goes on in eastern Ukraine, life in Kiev is very much normal, apart from sirens to scare people into thinking there is a crisis.

I let this video link from a Telegram site called Divine Truth speak for itself. It was taken by someone who has just returned and shows the reality of people going about their daily routines with no sign of war – except for footage from the BBC which clearly uses the most banal and despicable subterfuge used to convince people the city is being bombarded. If you have donated money towards this scam you should ask for it back.

Olga Malchevska at the BBC

According to the Evening Standard:

“Olga Malchevska revealed her devastation at the destruction to her mother’s home as she discussed Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine.

“In conversation with her colleague Karin Giannone, the journalist said just received a text from her mother.”

The alleged bombed home of Olga Malchevska, courtesy of BBC

Stop watching the BBC. Get rid of your licence.

Would be obliged if someone could find out who she is and what induced her to push the mainstream agenda forward. The BBC will not help you. They have exempted themselves from Freedom of Information (FOI) requests. I learnt this years ago.

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