Sucharit Bhakdi – “Where is the head of Medusa?”

Last night, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi opened and closed the Doctors for Covid Ethics’ 3rd Symposium. It was perhaps even more informative than the previous two, with a platform of speakers as respected in their individual disciplines as could be found anywhere in the world and called: The Truth Shall Set You Free.

Again All the Goss has the privilege and honour in publishing Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi’s closing address.


“Thank you everyone for your historic contribution to a historic symposium.  

It is clear that the world has been victim of the greatest fraud conceivable to the human mind. Those of you who have inflicted so much suffering on your fellow citizens face two choices. Should your deeds have been borne of ignorance but honorable intent, turn back now. Do so not only to save yourself, but to save your name and the name of your children from entering history alongside with those whose deeds were premeditated and borne of evil. 

From past to present, perpetrators of the world have swung their swords to divide and conquer. Fellow compatriots, let us reach out and wrench these swords from their hands. They may have wealth and power, but we are many many more and the good is fighting along our side. Join hands with each other. Across all borders and continents. No longer let them divide the world and us. Regardless of where we are or where we come from, we are united in our dedication to defend humanity. Let us stand up and disempower these inhuman tyrants. 

The case is closed.  Corona measures must be lifted. Once and for all, with no exception. Stop the vaccination program. Forbid emergency authorization of any vaccine or medication. Gene-based agents masquerading under the name of vaccines must be prohibited, for dire dangers will emanate from each and all of them. Any organization or institution that advocates their application in humans reveals its own fraudulence and must be stripped of their authority and power. 

To the next issue. 

Infections, epidemics, pandemics, vaccination – time and again during the past 40 years, these words have been grounded into the heads and minds of people in order to foster fear and gain control over their minds . Is there method in this madness? And if so, from whence does the method originate? Where is the head of Medusa?  

Could WHO be the answer? Who really knows who WHO is? 

WHO is a private non-governmental association funded in the main by the pharmaceutical industry and the Gates foundation. Their declared objectives sound honorable, but their activities are dubious and lack scientific backing. This is hardly surprising, for the leaders of the organization have neither been trained in medicine nor have they any international standing as scientists.  

We are witnessing what happens when the art and practice of medicine is taken out of the hands of professionals and ceded to the hands of laypeople. This cannot but spell doom for everything that has been achieved since the dawn of modern medicine.  

Few know that WHO guidelines are no more than recommendations. No country in the world is obliged to translate any recommendation into a national regulation.  

But now, fellow citizens, open your eyes to the terrifying development that is brewing. We learned from Astrid about this. A new international pandemic treaty for preparedness and response is under preparation, that is to be rooted in the constitution of the WHO. This translates to nothing less than that WHO would govern globally and decide measures over national governments and constitutions. It would be the first ever consensus when national governments hand over their control over decisions for their respective countries. 

That is the golden goal they have set for themselves. To convert our planet into the playground of the mighty and the mightiest, who will have fascinating objects to play with and experiment upon: you, your beloved ones, your children and grandchildren – helpless, enslaved, deprived of the last relics of human dignity. 

The WHO is one of many guises of Big Finance. We have everything to gain and nothing to lose by turning our backs on this treacherous organization. STAND UP AND FORCE YOUR GOVERNMENTS TO DO THIS NOW! SAY NO AND WITHOUT THANKS TO THE WHO! 

With that comes the third issue: can we escape from the clutches of Big Finance? I came to Germany long long ago. And immediately fell in love with the humanitarian spirit of Europe and the Europeans. I wept with joy for reunited Germany. And rejoiced with the Europeans at the fall of national borders. But I was never sure that replacement of national currencies with the Euro was a good idea. Nor that installment of new pan-European bureaucracies would benefit anyone apart from the politicians who created them. 

Now let me share this last thought with you.  

Does Medusa have a second head that must be removed? Could the simple solution then be: Europeans, abandon the EU! Return to your cultures, your identities. And your economies. Let the story of the Euro go down in history books as an unsuccessful venture and a lesson to us. 

Surely, friendship and solidarity cannot depend on flags and currencies. Let flags, currencies and cash return, and say no to everything else. With that Mr. Global will flounder, fail, and fall. 

I leave these thoughts with you and bid you goodbye and Auf Wiedersehen. In friendship and solidarity.  

My last words go to the others. They are also Auf Wiedersehen, but not in friendship and solidarity. 

Perpetrators of this earth and your puppets. You, the predators, are now going to be the hunted. Hunted by the victims whom you have robbed – of their hopes, their dreams, their existence, their families, their lives. They and their ghosts will hunt you down to the last corners of this earth. And bring you to justice for the hideous crimes that you have committed. We, citizens of the human world, will be with them to stand Witness for the Prosecution. Peaceful means will be employed, and you need fear no bodily harm when the sentence is pronounced. The true and terrible punishment awaits you later, when you leave this earth and journey to your final destiny – the realm of eternal darkness where you belong. 

 A word of solace and comfort to all who have received the devilish jabs, and are now fearing that these will shorten their lives. Reflect: the list of life-shorteners is long, and the most important are self-chosen. Overeating, overdrinking, overindulgence, self-neglect. These four alone reduce your life–expectancy by over 20 years. So by casting them away, you will counter the jab attack. This thought will bring you comfort and relief. 

So now, let us all look with hope and optimism into the future. And take responsibility together of turning this beautiful blue planet into a wonderful world again.”

John Coleman, Conspirators’ Hierarchy, The Story of the Committee of 300, (1991)

Cover image: Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Doctors for Covid Ethics Symposium, 18 February 2022

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