True UK deaths from Covid-19 might be even lower than we thought

Kathy Gyngell’s article asking if Covid-19 deaths are being overtaken by vaccine deaths raises for me, more than just that question. I am starting to ask if there has been a single Covid-19 death.

She writes:

“The figures show a total (all age) mortality rate over two years of just 17,500. “

This information comes from a Freedom of Information (FOI) request for deaths from Covid-19 alone and was supplied on 16 December 2021. The figure is in stark contrast to the BBC’s alarmist scaremongering report of 150,000 deaths from Covid (note they no longer use Covid-19) from those dying within 28 days of the notorious testing, according to their reporter, Becky Morton and digital health editor, Michelle Roberts.

From the start the mainstream media, and the BBC in particular, have been pumping out scary figures as though they amounted to factual information. They stand no scrutiny whatsoever.

First there are the faulty PCR test and equally faulty rapid antigen test (which acknowledges the PCR test as the “gold standard”). Unless it is known how many cycles are being run for PCR testing the accuracy of this test is highly suspect. It could easily be picking up the common cold – itself a coronavirus.

Let’s look at the BBC figures

First let me say, if Michelle Roberts was working for me I would sack her, after fair warning. She has picked a round figure out of the air to try and scare the living daylights out of an already scared witless populace. She starts:

It’s almost a year since the UK recorded 100,000 deaths. Most of those came in two waves – a sharp sudden surge in the spring followed by a slow, sustained rise in the autumn and winter of 2020 into 2021, largely before vaccines were available.

Michelle Roberts, BBC News report, 8 January 2022

Notice that the above statement attempts to exonerate – or eliminate – vaccines from the equation. Unfortunately. the BBC propaganda machine, with all its brainwashing resources, fails to do so. Indeed, its own chart shows this subterfuge to be a blatant lie.

As can be seen the big peak was not in the spring of 2020 but in the winter-spring of 2021, right in the early days of the “vaccine” rollout. It has long been suspected that the toxic gene-therapies are giving people a Covid variant so almost everybody who gets a jab is going to test positive. The tests cannot very well tell the difference between Covid-19 and the common (Coronavirus) cold, certainly if more than 25 cycles are used. And they only look for a certain fragment string of the full virus sequence, even picking up dead matter from a previous infection.

So how close to “almost a year” was it Michelle? You seem to have been nearly three weeks out. The former false Covid deaths claim was made 26 January 2021. and well into the vaccination programme which, as you pointed out, began on 8 December 2020.

How many have really died from Covid-19?

One of the problems with BBC figures, as well as a deliberate effort to mislead, is that they do not take into account co-morbidities, even assuming that the tests are in any way meaningful. So these deaths could have been from any ailment. A slightly more accurate yardpole would be FOI requests, like the one Kathy Gyngell used. Even that does not reveal the whole picture because, being taken at the end of 2021, it contains deaths caused by the vaccines. It is also in conflict with another, subsequently-answered ONS request, first reported by the Daily Expose.

This FOI request was made seeking the number of deaths from Covid-19 alone by age-group – together with autopsies carried out between February 2020 and December 2021. Although the ONS does not hold information on autopsies (we suspect, sadly, few of these are being done) it did respond to the deaths by age-group request on 17 January this year. And it does not total anywhere near 17,500. In fact it is 6,183 comprising 3,362 males and 2,821 females.

Also, there are three very striking observations from the figures supplied.

  • Nearly 55% of those who died were over 80
  • Only 3 youngsters in the 0-19 age-group were recorded as having died from Covid-19
  • The ONS seems to be at large variance with information it is providing through FOIs.

Anyone over eighty has reached an age where death is not an unexpected event. Life expectancy is just over 80 for men and about 83 for women. Nevertheless. it is strongly contested that many of our elderly were helped on their way with midazolam, opiates, ventilators and DNR notices, their deaths being recorded as Covid-19 deaths. There is a police investigation into these events.

The 3 youngsters who died are of special significance because of the introduction of the programme to “vaccinate” children. Why on earth would anyone want to vaccinate a child for something from which they have almost zero chance of dying, if these figures are taken on face value. Accepting that those who recorded the three deaths were not trying to get inducement money from Covid-19 certification, and not simply making misdiagnoses, the chance of a Covid-19 death according to ONS 2019 population estimates is 1 in 5 million.

We at All the Goss estimate from extrapolated data that there have been 81 child deaths from the so-called “vaccines”. Unfortunately, the MHRA does not separate child deaths from adult deaths. You might like to know why that is. We certainly do. We suspect it is because child deaths are an emotional subject, since most parents love their children, and do not wish to see them experimented upon with something untested that might kill, maim or sterilise them.

Why there are almost no Covid-19 deaths

As others have pointed out this fake pandemic was manufactured to introduce experimental “vaccines” which appear to kill, injure for life and make recipients infertile – depending on which batch a victim gets.

According to the Journal of Infection up to 25,000 deaths can be expected from influenza every year on average prior to 2017. From 8 October 2020 Public Health England announced that it would be combining its reporting on influenza with its reporting on Covid-19. Humans are Free caught the last statement issued before the change took place.

This will be the last COVID-19 surveillance report, as of 8 October 2020, the information in this report will be published in a combined Weekly flu and COVID-19 Surveillance Report on GOV.UK.

Whatever its purpose it looks suspiciously like the government does not want its people to know just what is going on, or even what was going on. So have influenza figures been subsumed into the farcical Corona-19 figures? Or is it the other way round? If you read the PHE document it contains a three-letter acronym ILI – which means, wait for it, Influenza-like Illnesses. The ever-illusive Covid-19 is like the Scarlet Pimpernal – you seek it here, you seek it there.

Freedom of information requests are less and less informative, more and more contradictory and much more difficult to navigate than in the days when the ONS was helpful. Take this, for example.

It is from someone else’s FOI request. Try finding what you seek and again it’s like the Scarlet Pimpernel, or Covid-19. You start wondering if either of them really exist. I wanted to compare influenza deaths of those in the age group 0-19 with the 3 diagnosed Covid-19 deaths in that age group. It baffled me, so I had to call in help from my colleague, Mairead, who keeps our Covid statistics up to date. Thankfully, she knew how and where to get at it.

And what it tells us is in the last eight years, for England and Wales:

Influenza deaths in the 0-19 age-band average 19 with 2019 having the most (30 deaths) and 2017 having the least (8 deaths). There were 18 deaths in 2020 with influenza as the underlying cause among 19 year-olds and under. The overall influenza death rate for 2020 was 511.

Even that is not the whole story because influenza deaths used to be lumped together with pneumonia deaths. Add them and the untreated cancer and heart cases due to concentration on the “pandemic” and the 6,183 Covid-19 deaths are easily swamped.

My suspicion remains very strong that Covid-19 data have been manipulated. Classifying Covid-19 as an Influenza-like Illness, using diagnostic tests which can be next to useless, making asymptomatic people take a test, hiding the true figures, killing people through bad-nursing practice and creating panic in the population, all indicate that this is a manufactured non-existent “pandemic” the purposes of which have nothing to do with a virus, and everything to do with control.

Remember for this manufactured non-existent “pandemic” they shut down your country, made you work from home, made you wear ugly masks to hide your beautiful faces, separated you from your loved ones, stopped you going to the theatre, concert, sporting events and on holiday, made you get toxic jabs, tried to introduce surveillance measures posing as vaccine passports and made your lives absolutely miserable.

Perhaps the Canadian Truckers can bring people to their senses. Some of us don’t seem to be able to.

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