Don’t check – inject – wilful neglect

All experimental injections purportedly against Covid-19 should stop immediately. There is a criminal investigation underway against high-ranking officials pushing the vaccination programme. These include top personnel from media, government, the General Medical Council (GMC) and the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). The police investigation initiated by ex-policeman, Mark Sexton, and others, is well underway. A police crime number has been issued and the latest updates can be found here.

Responsibility of injectors

Since it was proved that some “vaccine” batches have caused more harm than others it is the responsibility of every person administering an injection to ensure the injection being administered is not from a bad batch – assuming there are good batches. Actually administering these experimental drugs is a questionable procedure on its own. But to inject someone with a toxic substance, when a simple check can find out the degree of toxicity, is “wilful neglect.”

Make those “vaccinating” and the “vaccination centres” aware of their obligations under the law.

Make them check your batch number for adverse effects (including death) before they murder you.


Featured image of uterine fibroids from post-vaccination autopsy, courtesy of Professor Arne Burkhardt, Doctors for Covid Ethics and UK Column.


  1. Ahh – if only the cdc (not that I’d believe them either) would put out this web information themselves.
    *in what alternate reality?*

    Personally, I feel ALL batches are bad batches

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    1. You’re so right Kenneth. The truth is they are all experimental. And because short-term injuries might not be an issue today – long-term injuries may be a future outcome. That is why the experiment should stop now.

      While injections continue people administering the shots need to know they will be prosecuted if they don’t throw out the known injurious batches.


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