Has the great “vaccine” plan been thwarted?

Thanks to the work of Craig Paardekooper people playing Russian roulette with Big Pharma’s toxic injections must take heed. He has created a link on his website which relates to lot numbers called How Bad is my Batch and here people who took the shots can see what damage their batch has caused. Two observations spring to mind.

  • “Healthcare” professionals can check out how bad the injection batches are in the short term before administering them to uninformed recipients. There is no excuse if they do not. Failing to act having this knowledge is wilful neglect. They should cease and desist immediately until more is known. Children must never be “vaxxed”
  • Controlling societies through “vaccination” has been planned for decades. Originally it was intended to blame the bad batches on “criminal networks” via the healthcare systems of third world countries. They can hardly do this now.

In what was intended to be a prescient scenario from 2010, funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, it was futuristically posited, though actually planned, that by the 2020s:

“Criminal networks also grew highly skilled at counterfeiting licit goods through reverse engineering. Many of these “rip-offs” and copycats were of poor quality or downright dangerous. In the context of weak health systems, corruption, and inattention to standards — either within countries or from global bodies like the World Health Organization — tainted vaccines entered the

. . .public health systems of several African countries. In 2021, 600 children in Cote d’Ivoire died from a bogus Hepatitis B vaccine, which paled in comparison to the scandal sparked by mass deaths from a tainted anti-malarial drug years later. The deaths and resulting scandals sharply affected public confidence in vaccine delivery; parents not just in Africa but elsewhere began to avoid vaccinating their children, and it wasn’t long before infant and child mortality rates rose to levels not seen since the 1970s.

Reading between the lines the big banking families running the world were already planning to murder, maim and sterilise children through Big Pharma jabs in a genocidal action of diabolical proportion. The intent then was to blame it on rogue elements in Africa. They were further determined to point the finger of blame for child mortality on those good people who did not subject their children to untested and experimental witches’ brews they call “tainted vaccines” (which of course are not vaccines in the true sense of the word).

The Rockefeller plan – thwarted?

Being able to see which of the killer batches are bad has somewhat thwarted the global elite’s plan. We already know that these batches can be traced back to their manufacturing sub-contractors, who are possibly worried right now that their master funders are going to hang them out to dry like dead fish.

We can learn more from the Hack Attack agenda, part of the Lockstep programme, which they are rushing through because the angry and vengeful old Devil knows “his time is short.”

The Lockstep document – I like to think of it as a Goosestep document – conjures up a semi-fictional scene where a maverick intelligence officer, Trent, goes out on some “philanthropic” mission to Botswana. He is tasked with catching the criminals. At passport control they “took their time scrutinizing and re-scrutinizing his visa.” Everybody had AK-47 rifles including a mother with her baby.

As Trent wended his way through the desert carefully avoiding:

being kidnapped by international crime syndicates — including the Russian mafia and the Chinese triads — that had become very active and influential in Botswana. But he’d made it through, finally, to the lab, which he later learned was under the protection of the local gun lord. As expected, counterfeit vaccines were being manufactured. But so were GMO seeds. And synthetic proteins. And a host of other innovations that the people who hired him would love to know about.

End of story.

It says it all. Just the things the global elite controls – GMO seeds, manufacture of vaccines and synthetic [spike] proteins – feature in Trent’s remit to “save the planet” from those nasty black people who might deliberately do harm to white people.

Take note how these genocidal maniacs in control of global events, with news outlets to control your thoughts, are nothing more than white supremacists. The Ku Klux Klan without hoods. Does that come as any surprise?

However the real scenario did not play out as the supremacists intended. Instead Trent and his team went out and philanthropically murdered the president of Tanzania, John Magufuli, because he did not buy into the Covid-19 nonsense. He was trying to protect Tanzanians from the forthcoming toxic shots.

Earlier this week a medical doctor from Sweden, Mikael Nordfors, who is on the ground in Tanzania, informed me and others on a call, that it was “paradise” out there. Life is just like normal, he said, with the exception of a few children wearing masks. Tanzanians, like other Africans, have long-suffered under the white-man’s burden and the assassination of their president has united even the waverers against the agenda.

The elitists are panicking. They are rushing the agenda. Unfortunately, they cannot give up, even though their evil aims are being exposed daily, through death on the end of a needle, to death from another possible war, to death from the worst recession the world will ever see when economies collapse wholesale. To give up now would spell failure for them to dominate us all.

So they have set up bogeymen, Russia and China, and perhaps they will be stupid enough to take us all into a catastrophic war since their days are numbered. Perhaps they will blame the war on a Russian invasion, with fake photos and footage, like those of the “moon-landing”. Perhaps they will use the war to collapse economies and try to set up a new global financial system whereby every movement and every financial transaction, every consultation with a doctor, every visit to the toilet, is monitored through the Internet of Things, and robots called Alexa and Google Assistant, all owned by Blackrock and the global elite.

Or perhaps you trust them!

Cover image from a Russian website which has some great cartoons of Rockefeller Foundation misdeeds covering decades. This one has an accompanying text which reads: “Since 1972, WHO scientists have been developing a powerful “innovative” tetanus vaccine with $365 million from the Rockefeller foundation for Mexico, Nicaragua, Philippines and Kenya. Later, local doctors discovered it was a vaccine which had led to miscarriages and infertility”. The needle has upon it the Russian acronym for the World Health Organisation.

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