Short-term Pfizer murder – the “vaccine” lottery

Life is short. But it can be made shorter.

This post is going to be short too. Because there is a message to be driven home. And little time.

In an exclusive article on 11 January 2022, the Defender brought its readers’ attention to the Pfizer murder of Joseph Keating. Aged 26, this young man’s life was brought to an end with a booster jab. The autopsy has confirmed that the booster jab was the cause.

His mother, Cayleen, a nurse, said:

“When the pathologist looked at the 22 segments of Joseph’s heart, it showed the vaccine inflamed and attacked his entire heart. There was so much damage … It was full multi-focal myocarditis, and it wasn’t just affecting one part of his heart, it was attacking his whole septum and ventricles.”

Let there be no mistake. These “vaccines” are weaponised delivery systems, actually designed to kill and maim in a real-life nightmarish experiment for which people are volunteering without question or scruple. To confirm that Joseph’s death was not a freak incident pathologist, Dr. Arne Burkhardt, found vaccines were the cause of death in 16 out of 17 autopsies he performed at the request of families who suspected vaccines were responsible.

The lottery lot numbers

Joseph Keating had his booster jab on 8 November 2021. Four days later he was dead. Since then neither the CDC nor the South Dakota Health Department has made any comment regarding Joseph’s death, despite it being reported on the VAERS system. The state health department says it is waiting for the CDC.

Snapshot of Joseph Keating’s booster jab record

Thanks to the brilliant and dedicated work of Craig Paardekooper it is now possible to check which batch numbers are causing the most short-term damage. He has created a link on his website which relates to lot numbers called How Bad is my Batch. Out of curiosity I checked the above lot number.

The result showed that there had been only two ADRs, one disability and no deaths, which admittedly surprised me. This is similar to the batches that most people are receiving.

Then I noticed I had incorrectly entered the number. Instead of FE3590 I had typed FE3950. When I entered the correct batch number it was an altogether different picture.

This batch number has caused 530 reported adverse reactions. It has caused 5 deaths. It has caused 3 disabilities and 4 life-threatening illnesses.

A word to those of you taking the shot. DO NOT TAKE ANY MORE!

Or one of them is likely to kill you.

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