Countries under the Covid cosh (6) Australia – rather Northern Territory

In the first of this series I observed that countries sparsely-populated in regards to geographical area, and therefore more easily contained by the authorities, were being treated much more harshly than others. They are a testing-ground for introducing similar harsh measures elsewhere on the planet. Australia is one such “sparsely populated” model.

Anyone who has cycled in Australia will be aware of a vast expanse of open terrain (and desert) interspersed with small communities and settlements. Its largest city and capital, Sydney, has a population of only 6 million in comparison to London‘s 9 million. Geographically Australia is some 30 times bigger than the UK.

The least-populated state in Australia is Northern Territory. Darwin is its capital and more than half the territory’s population is concentrated in that city.

To get a feel for size and population the UK has 28 towns and cities with greater populations than the whole of Northern Territory. While Northern Territory is the third largest of Australian states (or territories) the UK would fit into its area more than five times.

Michael Gunner – first minister

Readers will already be aware of Michael Gunner’s credentials as number one absolutist-fascist dictator from an earlier post following the death of aboriginal actor David Gulpinil. Fascists, if Hitler is anything to go by, become more and more dictatorial over the years and Gunner fits the picture well. In 2018 he seemed almost liberal. Consider this from an opinion piece the year before the yerunda.

The time has come to find new ways to work with Aboriginal people who have suffered cycles of disadvantage and despair since European settlement.

We have to give decision making back to where it belongs.

Michael Gunner, NIT Opinion, 28 November 2018

Following a heart attack and surgery at 44 years of age in January 2020, an embittered, and obviously controlled, control-freak emerged from the colourful chrysalis of earlier promise.

Aboriginals were no longer going to be handed back decision-making. Rather the reverse, and Gunner’s new message was of a totally different timbre.

. . . we are absolutely going to make sure as many territories as possible are vaccinated, that is our best protection against this thing, and if you look at the “dotybubbens” that’s going to come out since, they said that if you double-dose 80 in remote communities, 5 and up, I think you’ll see our vaccine mandate is absolutely crucial to protecting life, particularly aboriginal life. .

Michael Gunner, 22 November 2021

I speculated that the first minister meant children aged 5 and upwards in this incoherent verbal delivery. Sadly, that forecast was right. In Herod-like manner the wilfully evil dictator has come out plainly to state his intent against the innocent. Nicole Ryan was one of the first women to have her children, Lincoln 6 and Max 9, jabbed and she proudly went public in this obvious publicity ploy to murder even more. Was her decision based on informed consent?

Here are some details. Children do not suffer from Covid-19, and certainly don’t die. These two poor little innocents have sold the safety and protection of their immune-systems for a couple of helium balloons. What about the figures to prove it?

Northern Territory no longer presents its figures in the way it used to do.

The last snapshot I took showed that there were 290 cases and zero deaths (29 November 2021). Following the vaccination drive this has risen to 2,625 cases (405 in the last 24 hours, 10 January 2022). Also, there has now been a death from Covid-19, two people in intensive care, and 24 in hospital. If that does not indicate that the “vaccines” are giving people Covid-19, I have no idea what else might convince people like Nicole Ryan.

Today Gunner can no more deliver with the clean accomplished persona of a politician in control. Worry is written all over his face. He stumbles even more than before over his words, and reads from a script his puppeteers have provided for him. His message is for those sensible enough not to have taken the toxic jabs to stay home.

Hopefully the aboriginals will take decision-making back, not on the basis of a politician’s broken promise, but by their own volition, into their own hands.

In this world or the next judgment-day will come for this evil man, Gunner. His attempt to dictate a malevolent agenda as an example for other states to follow will see him looking over his shoulder for the rest of his life. The victims are not going to easily forgive and forget. First everyone needs to take a quick glance at this advisory video. It might prove to be the most edifying two minutes spent today.

And while Gunner puffs himself up as first minister, remember, the population of Northern Territory is less than that of Wolverhampton in the Black Country. That makes him little more than a mayor. Let’s see him in chains!

Remember too, if you let him get away with this, your state, your country, your planet is next.

Update, 13 January 2022

The following polite and open letter has been sent by Drs. Judy Ryan and Marjorie Curtis to the first minister, Michael Gunner, and approximately 4,500 influential politicians, educationalists, health professionals and others.

Dear Premier of Northern Territory Michael Gunner,

We watched you on the MSM news 

Why do you have such strong views about vaccination for a virus that the evidence shows is far less lethal than the annual seasonal flu.  (To verify the quote below word search on Context, it will be the second hit.)

There are on average 2,500–3,000 deaths every year as a result of seasonal influenza in Australia. An estimated 1 billion are infected seasonally throughout the world. By 18 December 2009 in Australia, 37,537 swine flu tests yielded positive results and the confirmed death toll of people infected with swine flu was 191.[1]

Why do you attempt to name and shame intelligent people and divide our society over a virus that is indistinguishable from the common cold?

You passionately declare that you will protect the lives of everyone in the Northern Territory from this supposedly dangerous and lethal mutation corona family. But, in reality your draconian over-reaction seems to be facilitating the incarceration and death of those you claim to protect.

What if there is a larger agenda underpinning the Australia’s descent into tyranny.That agenda requires up to three generations of school children to be dumbed down by a subversive pseudo-science, anti maths educational curriculum. What if your generation is one of those?. The international PISA  tests indicate that Australian graduates are now ranked one of the most poorly educated in basic maths, reading and science in the developed world, while China shares top ranking with Singapore.

In closing, we express our hope that you and all the other socialist State Premiers will come to your senses and fight for the liberty that the Australian people deserve.

Respectfully Yours,

Drs Judy Ryan and Marjorie Curtis

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