Djokovich detained in Aussie concentration centre

Novak Djokovich is being held in a concentration centre in one of the most authoritarian regimes in the world – Australia. Instead of greeting the world number one tennis player with open arms and thanking him for raising the profile of tennis in a country with a proud record itself of producing number one tennis stars, they have treated him like a criminal.

This is only to be expected of a country which has made no intervention on behalf of its citizen, Julian Assange, who one way or another has been imprisoned for above a decade just for telling the truth about state murder. Who really should be incarcerated? It is a question for which the answer is certainly not Assange, and not Djokovich.

Sadly, in the fabricated world of Covid-19 and its variants, we are seeing events which most of us have never witnessed before. It is a dystopian nightmare. Athletes are falling down all over the place in unprecedented numbers since “vaccinations” were introduced to try and control something which appears to be little different from a bad flu. But it never was about any virus.

With this Djokovich incident even the BBC has made some effort to alert people to what is going on in that disgraceful place. At least it has raised the profile of this concentration unit euphemistically called an “immigration hotel” (Carlton Hotel). Food there is allegedly inedible and complaints of maggots in the dishes have been reported. This could be a bit of a problem for the tennis superstar since he only consumes gluten-free products.

Among tennis stars also opposed to forced vaccination is Pat Cash. He has yet to comment on Djokovich’s detention. What the world elite does not want you to see is a superstar not complying. What I suspect, hope and pray, is that this will waken those sitting on the fence in the Covid-19 debate. It should open a few eyes and minds to what is really happening.

The detained athlete will appear in court on Monday. If they let him stay and play – as of course they should – let us hope he returns to Serbia the champion that he is.

In the meantime let’s not bow down to Australian authoritarianism but take a look at a few highlights from his life from a Russian website which you may not know about Novak Djokovich. It is the site from which the cover photograph of him, his wife and their dog is sourced. The article is called “10 secret facts from the life of Novak Djokovich”.

Little-known facts about Djokovich (2018)


As mentioned earlier he has a gluten-free diet. He would not entertain fast-food, salad or crabs legs. The Serb believes his lifelong diet has helped enable his successes.


On grass courts he nibbles a little of the tasty turf.

Football fan

His three favourite teams are Red Star Belgrade, Milan and Benfica.

Music taste

He adores classical music. It relaxes him and plunges him into another world.


He drinks water a little above room temperature convinced that cold water is not good for the blood.

Karaoke and Sharapova

He loves karaoke does worthy impersonations of Maria Sharapova. Don’t ask where that information comes from.


A favourite companion turns out to be a poodle called Pierre. See cover photo with his wife, Elene.


He speaks six languages: Serbian, English, Italian, German, French and Slovenian.

Novak Cafe and Restaurant

Tennis is not his only racket. He has opened a restaurant in Serbia, Novak, which serves as well as other cheeses, donkey cheese. He is allergic to cow’s cheese.


In July 2014 he married Elene Ristich and soon they had a son, Stefan.

Now they have a daughter, Tara.

Everybody should stand up for this good man in a bad world.

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