5 to 11 year olds in mortal danger from this woman

Before a single jab was given in this country, June Raine, chair of the MHRA, tried to reassure those of us with concerns:

“The public can be absolutely confident that every rigorous check has been done to reach the judgment that we reached – that the benefits far outweigh any risk – that the safety of the vaccine has been scrutinized independently by our Commission on Human Medicines and no stone has been left unturned – so absolute confidence in the safety, effectiveness & quality of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. In terms of further products, vaccines for Covid-19 that are coming through, there are two you will be aware, for which we have further rolling reviews ongoing – and those will be conducted to the absolute scientific standards that the public would expect.”

June Raine, 2 December 2020

This is not true. These so-called “vaccines” have not even been licensed by the MHRA. They are still being thrust into unsuspecting arms under emergency regulation 174. It used to say:

This medicinal product [REG 174] does not have a UK marketing authorisation but has been given authorisation for temporary supply by the UK Department of Health and Social Care and the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency for active immunization to prevent COVID-19 disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 virus in individuals aged16 years of age and over.”

Since Raine made her “no stone unturned” statement, according to her own MHRA figures, there have been at least 1,889 deaths following injection of these gene-modifying jabs. And that is only up to 15 December 2021. More information can be found on our Covid-19 statistics 2022 page.

Bring out your children

Now the chair of the MHRA wants to murder, maim and sterilise your younger children too. At the moment the [REG-174] document has reduced the age of potential victims to “12 years of age and over.” Soon it is going to get a whole lot worse.

June Raine is facing a criminal investigation regarding the ongoing genocide and a crime number has already been obtained. She clearly believes she is above the law because the same week these proceedings began she cynically stated in a similar message to 12 months ago, but this time aimed at young children:

“Parents and carers can be reassured that no new vaccine for children would have been approved unless the expected standards of safety, quality and effectiveness have been met.

“We have concluded that the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective for 5 to 11-year olds, with no new safety concerns identified. We have carefully considered all the available data and reached the decision that there is robust evidence to support a positive benefit risk for children in this age group.”

She went on:

Our detailed review of all side-effect reports to date has found that the overwhelming majority relate to mild symptoms, such as a sore arm or a flu-like illness. We have in place a comprehensive safety surveillance strategy for monitoring the safety of all UK-approved COVID-19 vaccines and this includes children aged 5 to 11 years old.

UK Government Press Release, 22 December 2021

Note that “the overwhelming majority relate to mild symptoms”. The MHRA is hardly going to tell you about the 1,889 deaths and 1,353,360 injuries it knows about. Bearing in mind that not a single child has died from Covid-19 alone in this country it is alarming to discover that there have already been 11 child deaths and 7,982 injuries to children following the vaccines (extrapolated data).

Bear in mind too that less than 54 deaths brought the swine-flu vaccine experiments to an end in the United States.

A loophole?

The UK government and pharmaceutical companies which fund the MHRA, together with its chair, June Raine, possibly think they have found a loophole which will exonerate them from killing and maiming younger children with their toxic experimental recipes. They are hoping to blame the casualties on Europe.

While it is true that MHRA experts and advisors are not fit for purpose they are relying on “experts” from the EMA (European Medicines Agency) Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) to be their scapegoats.

This committee does not have a single UK expert sitting on it.

Just think about that! Who would you make a case against if these jabs killed one of your 5 to 11 year olds?

The MHRA would simply wash their hands and blame the EMA. Clearly this is an experiment on UK children. We leave Europe and Europe dictates our health policies.

Read this carefully. It’s from our government’s press release.

“This new authorisation to the Conditional Marketing Authorisation (CMA) granted by the MHRA is valid in Great Britain only and was approved via the European Commission (EC) Decision Reliance Route. This is when the marketing authorisation application made by the company references the decision made by the EMA’s Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP). The MHRA reviews this application, together with due consideration of the EC decision, before making an independent decision on the quality, safety, and effectiveness of the vaccine.”

What about that then? It is only valid in the UK. The experiment on 5 to 11 year olds begins here. Approved by Europe. Rubber-stamped by the MHRA. And the marketing authorisation is only conditional. We are years away from a licence.

If you love your children you must protect them from this medical experiment. Doctors and nurses, you are culpable. Teachers, you are culpable if you go along with this.

Parents, did you bring your children into the world to be experimented on by eugenicists?

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